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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Th Arsenal Game: A Rant

Last night saw Forest get soundly beaten by Arsenal. A team featuring a mix of youth and promising youngster mixed with £75 mill or so worth of talent. That’s a hellishly large amount of money.

Where I sit mainly contains regular for every game, we rarely get people coming for a single match, so yesterday with so many “day trippers” in town really was an eye opener.

Make no mistakes here I value what such a game like this can bring. For one revenue. Secondly it brings some fans who may not have been for a long time, and it could rekindle the passion. It could inspire first timers to want to come more. For any of those I have no complaints or qualms. I’d rather a busier crowd be there, a louder vocal crowd. For every person asking who “number 22” is, or the woman I heard asking what are the white seats in the Trent End all about, do they spell something? Maybe they will come again, this could be the catalyst. No it’s more the element who have used this game to moan.

I’m trying to avoid that whole, they won’t be here next week, and they can bugger off approach. Because I think a good number of those extra bums on seats last night are welcome, but it just seems that sizeable minority were there for questionable motives. Purely there not to support Forest, not to get behind the team, but to revel in a projected hope of a momentous win.

I have a view that may be controversial, but if you left at 70 mins as some did, you can frankly just not bother again. You aren’t a “fan” or “supporter.” Where’s the support in fucking off 20 mins before the end?  And I know some will cite work, long trips, kids, but let’s face it, had it been Forest winning or the score a draw you wouldn’t have left, so just because you don’t like how your one off day trip is going, stick around and support the bloody team. Don’t just be here to revel in a big win to say “I was there” or to bask in glory. Football is all about the rough with the smooth. If you don’t like the team losing, don’t go in the first place. Because defeats, especially to Premier League clubs, happen. It’s a fact of football.

To see anyone bemoaning losing to Arsenal is ridiculous and just shows that these fans that only come to big games have no real sense of what is happening. People were bemoaning Montanier, and I’ve seen numerous comments suggesting he isn’t up to the task. In fact others who clearly haven’t done any research saying the jobs too big for him, despite him managing in top tier clubs in Spain and France. Basically swathes of fans that only go to big games are ignorant fuckwits.

I had a bloke who sat in front of me and my friend. I’d never seen him before but he was negative and ridiculous from the get go. It’s this kind of person who for me makes match days unbearable. Negative soul destroyers who suck the fun out of football. Most regulars this season will have enjoyed games so far, so to suddenly encounter people possibly seeing us for the first time bemoaning the team and the set up was disheartening.

Then there are half and half scarves. I can understand them in say European games if you have gone away as a memento of a rare game. But for a run of the mill league Cup game? No, a game in your own country shouldn’t ever see half and half scarves. As I said above about day trippers, these are completely indicative of that, people wanting to savour their one day out with a big souvenir.

I wanted Tuesday to be a big Forest celebration. Not only a nice win, but also a celebration of how the club feels fun again. Instead all we got was a load of people angry we weren’t able to beat one the biggest clubs in the world. Sigh

Monday, 12 September 2016

Loanee Watch - 12/09/2016

Quick round up on what our players out on loan got up to at the week end

Gerry McDonagh
Gerry started for Wrexham in their 1-0 against Sutton United. He was subbed off after 72 minutes with the team one up. Gerry has one goal in 7 appearences.
Gerry McDonagh for Wrexham

Dimitar Evtimov
The Bulgarian made his debut in Portugal as Olhanense lost 3-2 away at Uniao Madeira.

Tyler Walker
Tyler played 77 minutes before subbed off, but not before he netted his third goal in 2 games for Stevenage in their win against Crawley.

Ryan Yates
Barrow drew 1-1 with Boreham Wood, and Ryan started the game, being subbed off after 78 minutes.Barrow subsequently lost their 1 goal lead they had.
Ryan Yates playing for Barrow.

Jamie Ward
He made his debut for Burton as they drew away at Wolves. Ward was removed for the subsequent scorer for Burton, Will Miller,  as they grabbed a last gasp point.

Alex Iacovitti
Alex made his first start for Mansfield, as the Stags lost at home 1-0 to Barnet. Iacovitti played the full match.
Saturday, 10 September 2016

Player Stats: September 2016/17

So here is a break down of the player stats we collate on this site.

We have a page at the top for both player and goals stats we try to update every month or so.

Here though we will look in detail as we just have generic listings at the top.

It is clear her that we all know that Montanier likes to tinker. Osborn and Kasami with Lansbury are outfield players who have played a lot of minutes. Burke had been too until his departure. Obviously a few more players have left. Blackstock had no minutes before he left. Fryatt and Pinillos and Hobbs are yet to feature.

As above this just shows the table in graphical form. It shows just how many minutes more Henderson has played. 9-10 players spike higher than others. The influence of playing a lot of the League Cup minutes for Lichaj and Mills for instance where others haven't.

If you look at the Championship alone, again 10-11 players begin to spike higher than most of the others, it would being to suggest certain players are featuring more, so would almost begin to disprove the tinkering idea. 

This is a little more complex and starts to bring in the average minutes played per match. Not just overall minutes and not games played but a combo. Therefore players that stay on the pitch for full games (Ie players with better fitness or more integral, or most importantly, play consistently well) So although Burke had the second highest of % of total mins he also played an average of 77 mins, meaning he was either a sub bought on, or commonly withdrawn early. Lansbury for instane ends up playing 100 mins on ave each game. He is never subbed off.

This shown graphically below

The blue marker shows the mins played. Again 10-11 players clump towards the left, as playing more mins. Mancienne doesn;t have a lot of mins but always plays a full set of minutes.

Although we will look at goals closer, that will be closer analysis of the types of goals etc. Here is a simple equation of dividing goals by minutes played. Assombalonga's importance is shown clearly. He scores a goal every 47 minutes on average. Lam interetsing has a very good ratio too. 

Again graphically to show that in an easier format.
Saturday, 3 September 2016

Loan Watch - 03-09-2016

Heres a quick check in how our loanees did in their games

Tyler Walker
Tyler playing for Stevenage on loan netted twice on his debut. He was removed after 72 mins. Stevenage had a penalty whilst Walker was on 2 goals, but he wasn't given the chance to score a hat trick.

Alex Iacovetti
Featured on the bench for Mansfield against Cambridge in their goalless draw but didn't get on to the pitch.

Jamie Ward
With no Championship football, Jamie Ward was unable to make his Burton debut.

Dimitar Evtimov
Olhanense didn''t play this week, so Dimi didn't get a chance to make his Portuguese bow.

Ryan Yates
Featured on the bench for Barrow on their home game against Bromley but didn't get on to the pitch.

Gerry McDonagh
Featured on the bench for Wrexham in their 2-2 draw with Maidstone. He didn't get on the pitch

Forest Ticket Office: A Tale in Disorganisation

This theme is somewhat more personal as a nature to usual blogs. Not to me directly, though it does indeed affect me and my match day experience. It’s more a story of how a friend, a guy I have sat with at Forest is suddenly completely unable to attend games through no fault of his own, and how Forest have simply banned him and have no reasons.

My mate, let’s call him Dave Smith, as I’m sure he won’t want to be directly named has sat next to me, or near me for 10 years or more now. Since the infamous we’re serious about promotion season. For some context here is a long version of the background. We bought tickets as a set of three friends. One of those friends, who sat in the middle moved after a year but another friend took on the seat.

For the next few seasons a few friends revolved through the door of that seat, with some seasons it being empty and others it having someone in it. It even had a random guy there for half a season.
For the past three seasons it has been empty, but we always left it and didn’t move as a place to “reserve” for our friends, as very few people would buy a single seat, aside from people wanting to sit with us.

Last season Forest bizarrely made my friend “Dave” move seat next to me, saying his seat was “unavailable” with no other explanation. It had no season ticket in it all season, but on occasion would be sold. The question would be why was it suddenly unavailable? Well it was Forest not wanting a gap being left and filling in gap, but it merely left another 1 seat gap to the bloke who sits next to us and has done for a long time.

So this season he left it late to renew, he always does despite the early bird prices, because it takes that time to raise the funds in savings. In fact this year was later due to other unexpected expenses. So coupled with the capacity reduction he encountered a new problem.

The ticket office is completely sure he’s banned. Despite never being told he’s banned. No letter no communication, just that his client ref is banned. “Dave” was flabbergasted (this was on the phone) and it explained why up till then he’d been unable to renew online. So he went down to the ground. Still no-one cold explain, and indeed it was revealed the previous season when he had to move seat was due to his “banning” and that technically he shouldn’t have renewed but for the ticket office making an error (which pleases me no end to hear banned people can still somehow end up in the ground.)

My mate has tried contacting management at the ticket office and the club through phone and email. The emails have all been ignored, absolutely no reply form anyone at the club there. The email servers are a black hole. On the phone he just gets told he’s listed as banned and there’s nothing they can do.

So a season ticket holder of 10 years, who has done nothing (trust me on him being the world’s most law abiding man) can’t go to games anymore. One assumes this isn’t the first or last error they make. But it appears that either someone with a similar name or client ref has been banned or he got listed by mistake as well. The club are so unwilling to look into it or question it so “Dave” is left in limbo. 

Wanting to go to games, give the club cash, but unable to do so with absolutely no reason. I guess someone in a Cup game or something sat there and got reported or the seat blacklisted which got passed on to “Dave”

Is this merely just a further indicator of the shambles the club is behind the scenes? Why does there seem to be no customer care facility at Forest, no person to try and over see such situations as this? This probably means nothing to you, but maybe, just maybe this finds its way to someone at the club who matters. Or underlines to others the very bad state of disarray behind the scenes at Forest. The lack of regard or care for fans, or the fan experience. Just ‘Computer says No.’
Thursday, 1 September 2016

Match Talk Interview With Fawaz; The Transcript

We transcribed this so you can see the full story, or if you didn't hear it or couldn't.

Fawaz: First of all we didn’t sell Oliver Burke in England, we sell him outside, and the money paid for Oliver Burke is good money to be honest, is a good sell, and we want to reinvest it in the club. We gave it all, we put in the club, and we told manager to pick who he want to pick and he picks for example Carayol, he pick Lica and he pick Dumitru, all of those good player and good signings for him, and we have to support him and support his decision.

David Jackson: Are you saying he could have spent £13mill this summer, but chose not to?

Fawaz:  Yes, the money, it’s still in the club, maybe we spend it in January, maybe we spend it in a facility in the club, maybe we spend it in a new… we look forward to invest in a new contract for our player who we have, so all this, we invest back in the club. I spent £100mill for this club, since I bought it till now, what shall I do with £13million? Of course I reinvest it in club.

David Jackson: But how much of that is available for players in the squad.

Fawaz: Sorry?

David Jackson:  But how much of that £13million, you say that goes back into the club, how much of that is available for players?

Fawaz:  All…..Most of it. And anything the manager want, we invest again. Maybe we will invest the £13mill again and I will invest extra, and maybe out of the 13 we will take 5-6million and keep the rest for the facility of the rest of the club.

David Jackson: Do you need to keep some of that for Financial Fair Play to avoid going back into an embargo?

Fawaz:  Yes we might do yeah. At the moment the club is in better shape for the err err financial fair play, err we will not have any embargo anymore because of this sale, and the club is now making profit rather than making losses like every year.

David Jackson: SO if you need that money to avoid going back under an embargo, you obviously can’t pout that back towards the manager for new players?

Fawaz:  No we can spend this money, we can spend it very easy. But rather than spend all of it maybe we spend half of it. We spend maybe for example like £8mill of £9mill, and we keep £4million for the club, you know something like this.

David Jackson:  Did you get a sell on clause for Oliver Burke?

Fawaz: No. we didn’t get any sell on because the money, err, first of all they offer £8million, I say I didn’t want to sell him, they offer £10million I say I don’t want to sell him, then they say ok we offer £13million and we pay it all in one go, but we don’t want to have sell on, I said then Ok, in this case.

David Jackson: is that a risk because he’s so young in 12 months or 2 years he could be worth much more.

Fawaz: I say £13million now, for this club, we don’t ever sell no player for £13mlli, and I think he is, Oliver Burke, the only player who get £13million. Tell me, who before in Nottingham was the highest player in sale?

David Jackson: Stan Collymore - £8.5 mill

Fawaz: Ok then, We sell him for £13 mill, we beat the record I think. And I think the money we sell Oliver Burke is good for the club and and and they money they pay is up front and not in instalments or something they pay it in one go. And I think, my opinion, maybe people agree, maybe they don’t agree, this sale of Liver Burke for £13million, but I think it is good business.

David Jackson: I know you said that the money is available, but when you said on Twitter that the money is available, people thought it’d be spent already, in this window, do you regret making that statement now?

Fawaz:  No I am not regretting, I cannot interfere with manager’s decision. I cannot interfere, the manager he chose them, he chose the player. Maybe he want Carayol, he want Dimitru, he want Lica It’s his decision he have to respect his decision.

David Jackson: The reason a lot of the fans were angry that Oliver Burke went is the different messages that came out of the club. Philippe Montanier, after the game on Saturday said he was confident that Oliver Burke would be staying, and then a day later he’s gone. Do you understand then, why fans might be upset about the different messages?

Fawaz: Yes. I tell you why, because in this time we don’t have anything. Red Bull didn’t call us, no body calls us. The next day they phoned us and I spoke to the manager and said I want to do this, and he said to me well this is your decision, and I respect it, but we’d like to reinvest the money, ok here’s the money then do whatever you want to do with it.. They transfer the money to our club and we have the money, and now we are willing to reinvest the money with the manager’s decision, not with my decision. I can go tomorrow and get three or four player and he can say to me tomorrow why you interfere with my player or something, it’s not right, We have to give him his right and to choose his right player. And I think he can do a statement to do for the website today, to clear everything regarding the sale of Oliver Burke and the player he chose and the player who left the club. It’s his decision. You have to respect that decision

David Jackson: Did you have any offers for Britt Assombalonga?

Fawaz: We had offers but I said no. I don’t want to sell Britt Assombalonga, we had offer from Norwich, for Britt, but I didn’t sell him, we need a striker and we need Britt at the moment with us.

David Jackson:  There was talk he was going to sign a new contract, is this going to happen?

Fawaz: Yes maybe tomorrow yes. Think he has 3 years now and we will sign him another 2 years extra. So I think we will sign him for 5 years, and he of course, he will earn more money, than what he’s earning right now.

David Jackson: There’s talk as well, that the takeover, or investment from Greece may have ended. Is that true?

Fawaz:  This is not me to say. This is with FA. You know the FA will decide, and not me, because you know when somebody want to buy any club in Sorry…England...err they have to do Due Dilligence on who is this man, and this and that and to looka t his CV and everything and then they will come back and say yeah or no, so we are waiting for their decision yet, nothing come yet.

David Jackson: So that isn’t ended yet? it could happen soon?

Fawaz:  Till now we don’t have information from the FA regarding those people, but that doesn’t mean, for say tomorrow, the people from Greece say the deal isn’t happening, we will carry on with our business, I will not leave the club like this.

David Jackson: Will you wait for that? Or do you have any other people interested?

Fawaz:  We don’t have other people at the moment, but if we did have people in the future, people give me the right money for the club, and to be honest I don’t want to sell the club, because I want to be part of success the club. I believe in the next year or two we can do something  to be positive.. To be honest, with you, I don’t like to sell the club, except maybe to the right people. With all respect, but I want to know their plan, what they do for Nottingham, and maybe not sell the whole club, but maybe I will stay with small share.





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