Player Stats: 05/09/2017

So its been a since we last looked at the player stats in focus. In the first case there really wasn't much to look at, and although thats kind of still the case after 7 games, there is still patterns beginning to emerge.

So lets looks first at the players used and the minutes played. As always when we say minutes played we have taken that as including injury time and not cutting it off at 90 mins. That also includes the extra time versus Newcastle in the League Cup.

This first chart shows the minutes played broken down into which competition. It is ordered by squad number. 9-10 players are immediately apparent to have played more minutes than the others. And some players are clearly only being used thus far in the League Cup.

 Here are the %  of League mins played by each player, again ordered by squad number. Smith, Worrall and Darikwa are the most featured players, with large numbers for Murphy, Osborn and McKay.

Next up we have % of the League minutes played by the players, again ordered by squad number. Some players like Lichaj and Cummings are barely featuring in the Championship, as so far we have had good league form till the Leeds game. We may start to look at different players now after the international break against Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday. Darikwa, Worrall, these are players featuring heavily.

This is where things get a little more complex, but where patterns can be seen to emerge, especially surrounding team selection. The chart is ordered by the sum % of the total mins played, in the blue marker, plotted against the average mins played. The average mins played will show up who is being subbed, or used a sub in games. It also shows where some players haven't started many games. The likes of Bridcutt and Evtimov haven't played many games, but when they play, they turn out the full game.

The table below the chart also shows the same thing but not in graphical format.

 Next up is a feature on which players are the 'winners'. Basically these are the players ordered by the percentage of matches they have played they have won. Ok, so those guys top haven;t played in a lot of games, but thats still a case that they have played only in wins. These are largely the players who played in the League Cup. No whats odd is that Cummings has the lowest win percentage, but thats because he's been used in the league as plan B, when we have been losing in games

 Next up is the mins played per goal scored. Again this data gets skewed by the players who may have played less. Like Dowell has featured a lot, but only scored less goals. Walker however has scored and not featured much so his mins played per goal are skewed low. Murphy scoring at nearly every other game is quite a good ratio for a striker still bedding in to the team.

There will be further stats featured as the season progresses.


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