Positivity Returns

Positivity is back
Something is in the air around the City ground and it’s something we aren’t that used to. It’s something I wonder how long it will stay around, and that’s positivity.

Now of course that stems from three home wins out of three, and a mini cup run which brings a Premier League big boy in Arsenal to the City Ground, that will make anyone happy. And the fact that we largely kept Leeds out yesterday despite previous Defensive frailties against Wigan and Burton.

It’s amazing that the small margins that can change fans mood. I had heard low level murmuring when at 3-3 with Wigan before winning that late on, and Twitter had seen some fans ridiculously suggesting Montanier should be under pressure of the defence continued to be leaky.

There’s still I think a culture of some fans ready to be disappointed, so the situation where they round on a new keeper online after a few errors in his first two games, the instant decisions over Vellios, especially after a missed penalty, and the general apathy a lot of fans (again the Twitter crowds) have towards the likes of Lansbury, and the general moaning about the team being rotated constantly.

Three wins and Derby’s continuing bad start though has led to fans to start speaking of a new dawn. Things are happy again (the bloke who sites near me I often mention will never be happy). Chris Cohen spoke post match yesterday about never having this feeling at the club in all his time. There is a belief in the team, they will score, and score often.

When you have a young talent ripping teams to shreds that everyone covets, it makes you proud of the team. Burke is doing just that, but that Osborn is established first team, Cash is looking a real prospect, and that Montanier has no fear to give youngsters a chance.

It’s not completely 100mph football, but it is high energy, when we break, we break quickly with Burke and Pereira marauding down the right flank. Yes it leaves us exposed at the flank as Pereira seems to forget at times he’s a defender, but it also entertains fans. Those runs from the right back had given two assists. He can’t do that against some teams but for now it hasn’t been overly costly.

Goals have been spread, and though we do rely on Assombalonga for a hug goal threat, Burke has scored 4. The rest of the team have started to score too. Kasami was off the mark this week, Lam has two, and with Perquis proving an aerial threat at set pieces too. Even Veldwijk has netted.

We even scored corners; Osborn has great delivery from dead ball situations. His corners have led to goals now, and Lansbury, oft maligned corner delivery has produced a goal too.

And with Assombalonga again coming back, and Pinillos to slot into this team, it looks extremely promising. Goals are flowing, youngsters being blooded and even looking first teamers, and the chance of future signings, it feels a good time to be Forest fan.

All we need is the crowds to be coming back now. 20k against Leeds is not good enough. I know its holiday season and that football is an expensive sport to follow, but the fans need to come back. The Arsenal game should fill the ground and if we play well there, then maybe they will be encourages to turn up to the smaller matches too.