Stadium Closed

It shouldn’t have escaped your attention that the ground has had its capacity reduced to zero in light of the fact we have no nominated person in charge for stadium safety. As a consequence the council have deemed us unable to have fans attend games as its not in line with health and Safety protocol.
I’ve been that nominated person for an office before. An obligatory name put on a sheet as the person to go or to possibly reprimand should anything happen. It’s just a name., No real qualifications are required and in many cases the Owner or CEO is the name that’s get put on that. We had Alan Bexon. Now we need a new name. It’s that simple.

And yet the internet and everyone else would have us believe it’s a huge calamity, rather than just a blip that can be easily corrected with a couple of signatures basically.

So why is this news?

Well for one there isn’t much else happening right now at Forest, so anything becomes news. No matter how trivial.

Secondly the local media seem to have shifted in the summer to an approach of barrage us with as much crap as possible, not matter how banal or crap that it is. The more news, the more click,s and therefore the more revenue. Hence we were reporting on other clubs transfer activity. Hence Dery Telegraph keep reporting our news. Purely for attention and sweet sweet revenue bringing advertisng clicks.

The council of course were the source of the “leak” and we have had our battles with them before the stadium. I still have no doubt they'd rather us out and have the land for their own to do something with. But ah well. So they like to try and embarrass us at every juncture.

At the end of the day this doesn't matter. Its embarrassing yes and silly. and should never have happened. But at the end of the day this will be sorted easily and should never have made the news. As I saym it shouldn;t have been in a position to make the news though.