Injury News

So BBC Radio Nottingham Sport have reported that Dougie has said the latest news in the press conference is that Assombalonga, Cohen and Fryatt are out till Christmas, with Reid back “some time” before then. The non specificness of this with the ever ongoing nature of this injury makes you wonder if they actually truly know.


Assombalonga being out till Christmas isn’t new news. When he was injured we all knew it’d be the new year before he was back, never mind match fit. That’s still not pleasing, but it’s news we kind of already knew, even if occasionally someone spouts up a rumour that hes a surprise name to return early.

Cohen out for 15 months past the injury is a little disheartening, but with a knee injury you don’t take a risk. Its around a 3 month extension from the initial prognosis. I am relieved we aren’t going to try and rush him back. 3 cruciate ligament injuries in as many years takes a toll, so how much of Chris Cohen returns is unclear, but we must stand by our captain.
Fryatt is an enigma. He has been out since early March now, with an injury that was never mentioned as a 6 month lay off. He has always been “nearly back” but like Reid its been a length of time gradually extending. One of those ever present niggles that effectively end careers.


Reid as said before has been out for over a year with what always seemed a fairly non-descript groin injury. Rumours start every so often he is set to retire but the club moved to quash them.