The Freedman Catalogue

That might be the most crowbar name into headline I have done ever on this website, but with Dougie freedman being installed as our new manager, and as we edge towards Saturdays game, lets give the new boss a bit of profiling.

I am an eternal optimist when it comes to new managerial appointments, even McLeish. So I won't do many of the other things you saw on Twitter or Facebook of immediately judging a manager based on what I can gleam from a quick 20 seconds Wikipedia.

Make no mistake we are not a big pull for a manager. We won't bring in huge names. Out of work moderate successes are what we will look for. Pearce, had he not been a club legend would have gone weeks ago, and the fans would have turned against him some time in October. That's not speculation, that's just how Forest fans are. Sorry. it;s the truth.

The thing is, Dougies record at Palace was good. Turning relegation fodder into the team Holloway ultimately took up and Pulis turned into a solid premiership team, the basic building blocks were put in place by Freedman. So to churlishly look at his win stats belies a bigger picture.

When he took over palace weren't rich. He took players like Bolasie on, made Jedinak captain, pushed on Zaha, which all contributed to a positive future for Palace. Wins were low but he took over a poor team struggling and turned them round. The next season they took off with the basis he put in place.

At Bolton things were the other way round, with an expensive misifiring squad, they nearly reached the playoffs, and after budgets were slashed and players released, Bolton struggled, as anyone would, and Dougie payed the penalty. These aren't my hopeful words, but from the Evening Posts talking to a Bolton focused journalist.

So to criticise the appointment may be premature. Yes it's hardly inspiring. Yes it's under whelming, but people thought that about O'Driscoll and I think we'd all gladly go back to that point in time and carry on as we were. Big names don't make big successes.

And a fresh approach may reinvigo
rate a stagnating season. It hurts me, I grew up in the 80's 90's and Pearce was a hero, but he's also not a very good manager. So forget his removal and lest get on with things.

Give the guy a chance. We gave Pearce one, he failed. Time to move on. To judge a amanger before a game is played is childish, ignorant, and stupid.


  1. After the complete tosh I've been reading over the past few days, that was as refreshing as water in the desert! A really honest and well thought out piece of writing.


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