Injury Crisis Rumbles On

With the news of Hobbs being out, yet again for a few weeks, it seems that for the last 12-18 months we have had one hell of a crippling injury list continually.

If it’s not Cohen's knees, it’s Hobbs with a knock to his ankles or some strain caused by lack of football due to his glass ankles.

Wilson has mysterious periods of time absent (hic!) and now of course we have Assombalonga out for a year. This is without mentioning assorted smaller injuries. Oh and Reidy, don't forget Reidy.

Has there been some gypsy curse? The previous Physio and fitness coaches got removed because it was perceived maybe the problem came from them. A lot of injuries seem to be match related though. Is it the pitch causing issues?

Or do we merely accept this is part of football and stop looking for a smoking gun? Injuries crises happen. We're having a bad period of it, but we don't see crippling injuries to away players on our pitch.

The pressures of modern football may just be taking their toll. We have a reliance on some of best players who have issues. Are they rushed back to alleviate the bad form? Or is a 33 year Andy Reid, a player with a history of weight issues finally just succumbing to age and the ravages of time?

It won't ease any time soon. Two of our main players are out long term. One is reaching the later stages of his career where any niggling injury is something to worry about. Hobbs spends 3 weeks fit, 6 weeks out. We just need fit and able bodies (and a huge squad to cover)

Either that or an exorcism.