Why Waiting Till Summer Made Sense With Psycho

A great many neutral fans still don't understand why it is club legend and out of work manager Stuart Pearce felt he had to put off taking over Forest till the summer. Although the Talksport commitments were the official reason, it's not like anyone in the sport to bail out of such a gig for a chance.

For me it seems after this whole summer of love for Forest that Stuart just wanted to be able to wield a broom, clear the deadwood, bring in his own players and call any side he manages his own. I heard on Football Ramble this morning them discussing why he'd left it till now and how it was odd and admittedly at the time it felt it.

But it's given him a chance rather than jump two footed (which as a player he didn't mind) to be able to take stock, evaluate, look around the game and see what he wanted, rather than immediately fighting fires, managing players who he didn't want. Not letting his reputation be sullied by the leftovers of Billy Davies mess.

The thing, Pearce is trying to not only reignite the club he loves. But he is also trying to reignite his career. To do that he wanted to take his time and get it right, rather than having to take over someone else's baby, and if that still fails it counts against him. The average neutral fan would merely see Pearce unable to get the team moving (possibly) and write him off all over again. Instead what we get is Pearce and his loyal lieutenants have taken their time, looked at who they want, identified targets and ideals, and implemented them over a summer, with a chance to change a club ideology and identity.

The amount of fans who have commented that it's nice to see the whole culture at the club has changed is a hallmark of this. They rolled out a new philosophy, and to do that at the end of last season would have been a mistake, on the other hand what we had didn't work either so you never know.

So in essence to truly get this right and truly to make the best impression, patience has truly been a virtue.