Everything Feels Good

It's that rarest of times as a Nottingham Forest fan. The crest of a wave. An emotional high. Happiness

On previous occasions where it's all seemed going well there's always been something nagging in the background. Usually it had a Glaswegian accent. When we were pushing for promotion, instead of being happy, you had the feeling we should have been doing more as Billy wanted this and that other player and genuinely downplayed everything.

That’s just his method of psychology, but it filters down. You were left feeling let down by something because you were told it could have been something more if something else had been provided. Usually a left back, and often Nicky Shorey.

We started each season with a sense of something wasn't quite right. If it was an endless pursuit of Whittingham and Pratley (both of whom ultimately slumped back down to the Championship) then it was bad results under McClaren. When Fawaz first took over it was a high spirit, but it was a tempered one, as we all knew this was just the beginning of a new phase and that we had rapidly assembled a squad and not built.

Last season we started well. But there had been other issues which detracted, and distracted. The media spats created a sour taste. Arguing with radio Nottingham, the then exposes and questioning over Jim Price's role after his previous activities. Davies refusing any media other than the gratingly voiced Natalie Jackson, endlessly chasing Wes Morgan, Djebbours aborted first move, there were enough things to sit at the back of the mind.

Well ok this season we had Lascelles and Darlow cur price move, and when Lansbury looked set to follow it could all have gone very wrong, but two big signings later, a slew of young players joining up, a great start and that first game with THAT entrance by Pearce means Forest are getting a lot right. Now we might even have that rarest of things, a CEO.

But it feels slim margins. Had we just negotiated better with Radio Nottingham last year, had we clarified Price role, and not randomly pulled our not seen transfers go through then all might have felt better and fans stayed on Davies side. Similarly, had we not got the players we wanted this summer or started badly, the sale of Lascelles and Darlow would loom larger.

So yes it all feels wonderful, we have a club legend in charge, we've got new exciting players, and we're flying high. But these things are always so close to despair. Let's keep our feet on the ground. There's a long way to go, and if we raise our hopes to the sky, we might find any come down extremely hard to take.