Playoffs Beckoning Again?

I'm not one to make knee jerk reactions to a match or a result, but what with the current run of results and injuries, and following the first defeat in ages the spirit feels somewhat deflated around the Forest fans camp right now.

Those dreams of chasing second seem a bit further off than before despite us not being too far off. The ever dwindling number of remaining fixtures coupled with the almost 6 pointer nature of the Burnley game feels like a bit of a body blow.

Forest fans know all too well the lottery nature of the playoffs. It’s a cliché but it exists for a reason. But somebody has to win it. We've just never been that close to doing so.

This is why for me; many see playoffs as an abject failure, because we will just balls it up. We might as well wave the white flag if we finish in those spots. Rather than an opportunity to bury that humongous monkey on our backs.

Don't get me wrong, I won't rule out second place till it's impossible. Remember the last promotion, the against all odds sets of results for a couple of weeks as other teams capitulated and we stole in and got second? That’s why for me until it's officially mathematically impossible, I won't rule it out.

Not even making the playoffs for me would be failure. And I think we have enough about us to stay in that top 6. Now if we lose in the playoffs again, and depending on circumstance, it could be another massive mental block for them. But this group of players aren't the playoff failures of previous. Only one or two remain from the dark days of the Blackpool match, and the Yeovil game exists only in fans memory's. Is that a benefit? Would it help having players hurt by that anguish, hungry to avenge defeat? Perhaps, the problem would be the fans anxiety leading into games.

I think the real point I am trying to make is that not making second does mean we have failed or have somehow not achieved something of note. This team is still a work in progress. The problem has also been the successes of Derby under McClaren, which is a double whammy of pain. Considering the relative directions the clubs were going in when we defeated the rams at the City Ground, and how things have gone since, it's kind of rough. We have stayed in that same strong position unable it seems to push on, whilst Derby have never looked back. I guess the pressure was released and they just went for it. We maintain a sense of pressure; the team are expected to do well. Burnley for what's its worth have all season dealt with speculation about when the bubble would burst. It means there's less pressure, everyone expects them to fail. So for Forest and QPR, it becomes more of toil. Expectation and pressure count against them. Leicester are so far ahead all of this is academic for them

Keep the faith.