Pessimism, Forest and Twitter

It’s been an entertaining few days, if you like to subject yourself to the fluctuating moods of the average Forest fan on Twitter. It seems a great many seem to get too involved and can’t bring about any detachment from the on-going situation at the club.

Is this an indicator of a lack of something else to do in some people’s life? Possibly. Is it indicative of today’s world where with on-going 24 hours news and social media we have a great many potential sources of information at our disposal? Yes. And that a great many of the movers and shakers are contactable speaks volumes.

But I have spoken before about this. The nature of new media and its influences on fans expectations and the exchange of ideas and information instantly rather than previous forms mean we always want these answers. Plus we now have transfer windows which drive this kind of activity in a timed frenzy.
But what’s apparent is there is a great deal of pessimism at the core of many fans. And weirdly they seem to revel in it. It’s almost as if some fans can’t wait for a deal to collapse so they can tweet their disappointment or the usual array of told you so’s. There’s no patience and the simple skill of sitting it out and waiting for what happens.

The transfer of Rafik Djebbour has been a typical example since it came to light again this week. Because it’s been on the cards for so long and seems drawn out (international transfers often are) fans instead of waiting for the confirmation immediately start seeing some kind of dark arts at play.
Couple that with that transpired with Hobbs and you have a perfect storm of impatience. Hobbs as well know has left and we had a long piece on here on Friday all about it. The fact we said we’d sorted out a deal for most fans meant it was a done deal forgetting personal terms which it transpired were not agreed. Hobbs realised he could get more money elsewhere, and as any of us would do in our careers held out for more money.

SO it didn’t go through. So because of this example some now hold Fawaz accountable, despite him doing all he could save for smashing the wage structure and then all that involves with possible ramifications with other players inflating their worth.

So instead of seeing the positive that we could be about to sign another player elsewhere in another position, the wailing and the gnashing starts. Because clearly EVERY transfer will go the same way now, despite there not being much evidence. People will cite George Boyd of course but that became obvious there were other games being played there.

Why would Fawaz be “lying” again, would you not think he was chastened by his other experience and only tweet when sure. International clearance can take time (and contrary to other reports Djebbour does not need a work permit, he was born in Grenoble, France) and any smaller details of the deal have to be sorted between Olympiakos and Forest.

Why am I talking about this and pessimism? The following tweets and comments will best illustrate my point.

Just a small sample. And although most of it isn'
t malicious there are seeds of doubt in peoples mind that for some people go from acorns to oaks in record time.

What is apparent is there is a heightened sense of entitlement amongst fans. It's not always healthy. I have no problem with ambition and desire. Where it goes wrong is when fans demand too much.

We will look further at fans demands and what people perceive in regards that in a couple of days.