Fawaz - Damned if he Tweets, Damned if he Doesn't

It is commonly agreed by a range of fans that to have your chairman as a visible presence eon the internet has been a nice bonus. We have talked before about the fact the difference between Forest under the al-Hasawi regime is a different animal to that of under the Doughty days.

Fawaz though has almost created a rod for his back by trying to keep fans included in the various stages of the transfer process. Now there is confusion with some people between what agreeing a deal and concluding a transfer is. Just because we agreed a deal with a club doesn’t mean the signing is completed. There are myriad things to go wrong. How the deal is be paid, what instalments are paid at what tie, the deal with the player and of course the agent.

So when Fawaz said we had agreed a deal for Hobbs there was all that yet to thrashed out. Now it seems as mentioned the other day it was personal terms with the player that was the stumbling block.  So when Fawaz gets accused of lying by some people about this deal, that person is basically showing a complete lack of basic understanding of how things go down.

Now Fawaz has tweeted that we agreed personal terms with Djebbour and mentioned we just need to thrash out deals with his parent club Olympiakos a lot of fans went into a frenzy about how we are announcing deals before the deal is done. Now maybe Fawaz is being a little premature, but it is a sign that we are trying to do business and are out there agreeing deals. The nature of such a deal was that Olympiakos clearly want to sell, as they nearly reached a deal in the summer, so now we agreed a deal with the player and as said before have to sort out the minute details of the transfer insofar as how much we will be paying and when.

This is where the second part of the article comes in. The fact that people seem angry that we are announcing deals before they are done and could collapse and saying it’s unprofessional. The same people up in arms are often the very same moaning about the lack of news or lack of business in the market. It’s because of these types of tweets about the lack of business and those people who think the moment Jan 1st arrives there should be a revolving door of players coming into the club that moves Fawaz announces these things to keep fans happy, appeased, and buying tickets. It’s an on-going cycle.

But the same pressures can these same problems we experienced, that we announce something about to be done before the ink is dry and everything goes wrong. This then cause fan to accuse the club of a lack of professionalism, and that we need extra help, but if those people weren’t constantly in Fawaz ear he wouldn’t feel this need. Additionally I dread to think of what direct messages on Twitter Fawaz receives from all sorts suggesting deals.

If only fans just let the club get on with doing what they do. There is also an element of everyone believing their opinion has to be heard. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s a lot of who think if they shout loudest their opinion matters most.

Deals will go through when they do. What we don’t need is over the top zealous fans getting on the high horses and creating a bad atmosphere. Fawaz tweets because he genuinely wants to try and keep us informed and appease fan who might be agitated. Don’t them use this as a rope to hang him from when it doesn’t happen.