Forest Hunt for Return to Form Against Foxes

A lot of people have been expressing their fears about this upcoming away fixture against Leicester. Following up with a home game against Burnley means we rally straight up against it this month, with our poor form. The immediate thought is following our bad performances against poor teams, we surely must therefore get battered against teams playing well.

This could be perfectly true of course.

That said, there were similar discussions about whether we went into this games complacent, especially against Bournemouth. Had we held on there and against Blackpool things would look a lot different.

Additionally there is the aspect of now that we are the underdog in these fixtures it is up to us to be the Bournemouth or Yeovil. Remember the of repeated mantra of the Championship is anyone can beat anyone on the day, and to so thoroughly write off our chances before he teams are announced is odd. It is also the Forest fans way. No doubt the usual harbingers of doom will be deciding we will lose (good old reliable Hannah keeps suggesting we will go down which perfectly illustrates just how much we listen to that particular loon) We could just as easily beat Leicester or draw as lose. Its how football is.

And Billy gets the best out of teams when the chips are down. Remember in his first spell when he first arrived he said he genuinely couldn’t see us getting much points in a run of fixtures that we went on to do exceptionally well in. Our seasons always fell apart just when we looked like confidence was high. Billy works best at getting players to believe, and that is key at the moment.
I don’t know, obviously, the inner machinations of the dressing room. How Billy deals with various situations throughout the season, but he definitely knows how to get under performing players performing, so with a team in a bad form, just as some people decided he’s not the man for the job is the perfect time for Billy to produce his magic.

What did make me laugh with my previous story is how many people commented on it without obviously reading it. The title was “Calls for the Managers Head.” Nowhere did I say in that we had to sack Billy. Yet people went off one demanding to know why I’d be as stupid as to demand he goes, and not read the article where I pretty much said the same thing. That said it was all from Facebook and you can’t even rely on people to react sanely and rationally on there.

We are a top 6 side facing two other top 6 sides. These should be big exciting fixtures. Yet many fans have already written off our chances. Pessimists yes? Realists? I say no. We all know this game, you win some, and you lose some. The odds are so often upset. We can do this. The season is not going badly. It’s time for some perspective to be taken from a lot of fans.

For me, the lack of media presence is now costing us. There’s no essence of positivity because it’s been mostly bad news lately, and with the lockdown there’s no chances for players to speak out, or the management to say we can do this. This is where the media lockdown fails us. Retaining people’s excitement and enthusiasm through bad patches.

So let’s keep our heads up. The season isn’t over, not by any stretch. We had good form before we can have good form again.

Here is an infographic that was produced by the good folk at Epiphany; it’s quite an interesting piece. Enjoy.

Leicester City vs Nottingham Forest Football Infographic

Provided by Sky Bet, Title Sponsor of the Football League.