Righteous Indignation in The Bridgford Stand

I’ll make it clear from the start, I sit in the Trent End, so all the cling and clatter about the Bridgford End I find both interesting yet also quite bizarre.

The club revealed at the back end of the last season that after consultation and what with Billy’s wishes that they wanted to move home fans into the Lower Bridgford and move the away fans. A lot of people cheered when Billy said as much in his speech.

We have been assured that this was down to supporter pressure that this is what fans want, and most people seem to agree it’s a good idea.

However like most ideas it’s only good if it doesn’t adversely affect me. It’s nimbyism in the football ground. “I’d love to move the away fans, but can’t you put them somewhere else” seems to the sentiment.

I understand that people attachments to where they sit, I have sat in the same seat now for 8 seasons, after previously sitting in the same seat for 5 seasons, so I get the attachment. What puzzles me is that people seem to think they have entitlement and ownership of that place.

I was going to read my season ticket from last season to back this up, but I’m pretty sure any small print will discuss that the club has the right to move peoples seats around should the need arise. I can’t be sure, but I bet something along those lines is on it or in the small print when you buy it. After all it’s the club who own your seat, your just paying for a reserved spot every week to sit there. Just so happens to be the same reserved spot for ease or organisation.

People just don’t like change. Whether it be necessary or not. I’m sure there are those who rallied against the building of all seater stands, but sometimes needs overrides desire.

I do however think that this will make no difference. People discuss it maybe bringing us extra points, but I don’t see it. It does however seem that we will reduce away allocations as a result, which could mean loss of match day revenues for big games. Some fans have supported reducing their numbers, which is all well and good, but some of these always moan about the allocations given to us by other clubs. The fact is we rarely sold out the ground last season so reducing the numbers that might come to games is naive.

It seems that after all the PR disasters last season the regime wanted to bring more fans on side, prove they are listening, whilst at the same time not consulting with those directly affected. This would have been so much easier had they not sold tickets in that tier already and people who thought they knew they were sitting there might now not. Then they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in any argument, and would just quietly chunter away.

There are usual suspects on Twitter who would moan about this regardless. I think we all know the people who just seem to moan for moanings sake. They are the ones constantly retweeting petitions and claiming the club have no right (they do) to do what they are doing. Righteous Indignation.

All this said, this might not even go ahead. There is a consultancy phase to go through and it might be rejected as just not doable. It has been pointed out having away fans above the home fans might not be a god idea as they could easily shower us with various missiles and liquids all game. Those mentioning this clearly have guilty consciences and this is precisely what some did to the away fans.

Additionally this is really the only place it can happen as the Brian Clough stand has no chance of being used. It has limited entrance and exits. It doesn’t have the chance to partition sections. It’s just not versatile.

Of course away fans always used to be in that corner on the terrace. My first game memories were standing on the Bridgford in 1988-1992 era often near to the away fans. SO for people to feign surprise are either young or forgetful that this where we thought to put them. History is on the clubs side.

The price factor has also been mentioned, which I guess is a far more valid point than any. But if people are concerned at price then come on over to the Trent End Upper dark side my friends. We might even get that stand jumping again.

It seems with Forest at times, as with any decisions, whether it be sacking managers, setting ticket prices, signing players, that you’re damned if you and damned if you don’t. The fans won’t be happy with either decision, but you know what? It’s not ours to make


  1. It's understandable that those (proposedly)being moved should feel, inconvenienced - they will know the people around them if noting else, and this "sudden" alteration would leave them no chance to say goodbye to those they usually watch the game with - we all get to know our neighbours I'm sure.

    The unreasonable pricing of the LB is also bizarre.

    I think the club were so sure this proposal would be welcomed, even rejoiced at, they took it for granted and didn't give it the consideration they could have. A cheap freebie (a few months free ForestPlayer, or a mug even) would sweeten the deal, more reasonable pricing for the new section would legitimise it, and a delay - perhaps make the change after Christmas - would cure the logistical inconveniences, so goodbyes could be said or arrangements could be made if groups want to move together.

    The club could still please everybody (within reason). I would personally be happy to move if it gave Forest the chance for even 1 extra point - any fan would.


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