A Square Peg in a Round Hole, or a Stellar Appointment

Well, if and that’s a big if the purported re-appointment of the prodigal son Billy Davies does happen then there is going to be an explosion on Twitter. The fans are split down the middle on the relative merits of this but I think most admit that it would be an improvement on McLeish.

He might not be a great fit. A square peg in a round hole to steal a phrase. But maybe he could be good at advising Fawaz and recommending. We already made some stellar signings for him in the summer, if he can do what Davies does and get the best out of players, and then I contend my fears and worries could be allayed.

Fans Divided

Where things get interesting is the relative fans views. Those who are Pro Billy are defiant in that he will succeed #unfinishedbusiness has been doing the rounds on Twitter. Those who are against the appointment concede that yes he might succeed; it’s more a personal dislike for some. Convinced that OK, it might be a good short bumpy ride, BUT, there will be a point where we go over a bump and the jolt to earth is too much for some.

Because let’s remember he is a very abrasive character. He doesn’t much like those in charge. And with a chairman that’s been characterised as a despotic loon by some it can only end one way. There is a chance that Billy might be chastened by his experiences. That his time off may have calmed the stormy temperament. Bu there’s another cliché; a Leopard doesn’t change his spots.

Last time he came in we were struggling, and a few wholesale changes later we were motoring. This time we aren’t so much struggling, but just simply can’t find the right gear. Stalling. Is he the man to get us going?

Strong Support

Well he’ll bring in the crowds and a lot of vociferous support. The vocal few who usually call for a managerial change or the chairman to go are the same type that loved Billy. So it would bring nay Sayers on side. On the other, everyone will be waiting for those cracks to re-appear.

The old issues of not being backed in the market. Issues of his commuting from Scotland. His ambition over riding his loyalty. His lack of ultimate success. If any of those re-appear then it will bring put all the nay Sayers in force.

Is he the right man for this very moment? Maybe. It needs someone who generally knows what he wants and there’s no doubting Davies is that man. O’Driscoll at times seemed to dawdle. McLeish, well we never got to know, but at the end of the day it never seemed a long appointment. Neither would this to be fair. But after a period out the game, maybe Davies will have cooled his careerist approach. A main breaking point before was the fact he made himself open to approach for other jobs. This will never sit well with anyone. After sitting out the game for 18 months he might just be grateful to be back in the game, and in familiar surrounds.

The Question of Youth Development.

Another hug element was his lack of an over view. No regard for youth development, no regard for the reserves (disbanding them), as long it is made clear this cannot be done, then we can ring fence them and stop him from destroying a lot of hard work, then maybe it’s worthwhile. But then it’s different management styles. Davies had two clear possible reasons for doing what he did there. One, he didn’t think the youth were good enough, and b) he wanted more unity by having a single first team squad. Both are possible explanations I don’t know the honest answer too.

We have an excellent crop of youngsters, before hand with Billy we frankly didn’t. None of who we released has really gone on too much. Bencherif ended up at County, Emile Sinclair is now at Doncaster after failing at Peterborough. Nialle Rodney is now at Lincoln. So that excuse might be a tad excessive.

Round Peg or Stellar?

If he can reign in his abrasiveness and actual learnt o just get along, and if Fawaz can butt out of team politics this might work. I’ve been fully converted nearly. I still don’t like the guy. I don’t like his personality or that everything is someone else’s fault. I almost feel he used to cut his nose off to spite his face. But like I say, maybe we can control that. The Transfer Panel is gone. The old enemies are gone. Maybe he can be a round peg, in a round hole, and that really would be stellar.