Manager Merry Go Round?

Considering we haven’t replaced the manager, confirmed the manager is leaving, or for that what the Al Hasawi family intend, it beggars belief to see the names that have been banded round as potential successors to a man who is still very the incumbent in his job.

Steve Cotterill achieved his one target he was set last season. Keep the club up. In the end we did this relatively calmly. Which as many of the fans were adamant we would NEVER stay up with this man in charge is funny. Also considering that his trading had been effective too. People cite some selection choices as odd, but he achieved what was asked, no more, no less.

I have already vaguely covered some of the silly season rumours, mainly players but covering Harry Redknapp, who has never worked for a more northerly club than Spurs, and how that isn’t going to happen in a year of Sundays, never mind a month.

However some of the other names chucked at this have been odd. Or peoples suggestions on Twitter and Facebook about who the next manager should be. |I have kept a mental note of some of my favourites, but also some of the more saner balanced ones (which even then seem a bit outlandish)

Mick McCarthy
I’m going to put my cards on the table here and be honest that I actually like Mick, his no nonsense style is what I like, his press conferences are often a bit odd, and anyone who stands up to Roy Keane is going to be able to deal with some of our prima donnas. That said, people already aren’t’ happy with Cotterill, and for my money McCarthy isn’t a whole sale different change. He uses a lot of players a criticism some point at Cotterill, and if the aim is promotion, then sure Mick’s good at that, but he struggles to keep a team up. If Cotterill was replaced with McCarthy I wouldn’t be unhappy per se, I just think perhaps we could do better.

Neil Warnock
This is one rumour that won’t go away. Perhaps down to any Paladini involvement, despite being assured he isn’t involved, and that he himself was accused of tapping up Ferguson jnr. Anyway Warnock and Forest haven’t had the best history. For one being ex County doesn’t help. Then there was the Sheffield United run ins. Warnock and Megson had some angry war or words (and I was told, and I stress this is pure rumour, that Warnock had called his goldfish Megson and Forest because goldfish sink) He seems like he’s trying to build something at Leeds, and keeps saying this job will be his last in Football. Plus I can’t stand the guy.

Michael Owen
Oh yes, not content enough with linking him as a player, I saw a few people (yes a few, not one or two) suggest, by tweeting at him directly he should be our next player manager..... Yes because that worked so well with David Platt didn’t it. The very idea of an entirely untried manager scares me so much, that the mind boggles. I know people need to cut their teeth, but not in such a risky environment. A Gary Neville type figure, maybe if we’re desperate, but do we really want a guy who’s still got playing aspirations? I know it’s just a few random nuts tweeting, but please shut up.

Steve Bruce
Well done for missing out completely he has another job, unless they merely assume he will give up Hull after 1 month and not managing a game. Bravo, idiot.

Stuart Pearce
Simply not going to happen anyway. However, come the start of the season and of course therefore the next few weeks he is managing Team GB, you really want to start a season with a manager who is In Absentia, thus not being able to either a) sign the players who he wants. B) Coach the squad how he wants to play. Or C) Give it any of his focus whatsoever? Yeah what an ingenious plan that won’t lead to us being in trouble whatsoever. Seriously, do people stop and think before throwing this crap out there? I’m also going to go out on a limb and suggest he isn’t a very good manager anyway, what did he spend on Giorgos Samaras? How long did City go without scoring at home? Exactly. Sorry Stuart, you’re a legend, but to retain that legacy, it might be best to not come back and potentially ruin it. Not that I am saying he would fail, but his record hasn’t been as Billy Davies would say, “stellar.”

Billy Davies
Lets leave the past in the past. The fact that a decent proportion of fans don’t want him back, admittedly with an equal number wanting him back, I am not sure it would all end in roses. For a start I would demand he move down south permanently instead of commuting from Glasgow, or whatever he did. You’d have to try and keep him on a tighter leash to the press. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to go back in football, yes there are successes, but then there’s Kenny Dalglish.

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