Fawaz Al-Hasawi Interviews Translated

Thanks to forum member Scholesy who translated these for us/

Twitter comments translated
Went to as recent as 22nd May, not much in the way of content in terms of the acquisition of the club or mention of Forest/Leeds. Seems there was a falling out at Al Qadsia and he resigned, his tweets are basically trying to make out as if he's not in the wrong and been victimised by way of cryptic and direct tweets. A few people saying they take his side etc. A lot of club politics though I imagine this isn't what what most of you are interested in. Also wishes the club well in the future several times, says Al Qdsia will remain dominant.

"Brother, I've left it to them and this is my last season at Al Qadsia" Before he suprisingly resigned.

"We will go to the Premier league"

"And the worst thing is they got angry when I told them i'd resign"

"Hello, hello to all of the English" Assuming he's referring to the sharp increase in no. of followers. That's the most recent one.

And then there is this Youtube Interview

In Video linked in thread that I posted earlier: Get asked why leave early? With only 4-5 months left? Responds there were a lot of issues, one after another and another, I wasn't able to wait any longer. But make no mistake it was really tough for me to leave Al Qadsia. So I leave my brothers to their games if they are happy with them.

Gets asked, there's a lot of talk you were not close to the coaches, you don't sit with them, you don't talk with them about their needs resource wise, how true? Responds, I don't think I fell short of my duties for any game, and actually a month ago I was with the coaches and we discussed all their needs, and all their requests I complied with, but it was too late in the season if you ask me.

Guy in black t-shirt then goes on to say I feel he has not just been influential for Al Qadsia but Kuwaiti football as a whole. It really hurt me his departure, as I've entered his house, eaten in his house etc (loool) and i've stayed with his father, mother, sisters etc.

Guy after that says big loss to Al Qadsia and a great guy.

Guy after the other guy (lol) critcises Fawaz somewhat saying he should have completed the months remaining

Fawaz gets asked, why didn't you take a holiday to consider your position etc? Responds, laughing, holdiay for what? Says this is not the first of incidents of it's kind. Problem after problem, I wasn't able to take it anymore. I've been at the club for 15 years, since 1997, we've had worse problems but we were together not like this time.

Goes on to say he was paying the players personally at one point for a while, which isn't right, also denies trying to profit by using Al Qadsia, says Thank God I don't need it. 2.3m dollars was apparently the budget he gave at the beginning of the season.

I stopped at 30 mins cause it's too long Sorry guys, but on the right hand side I found a short one where he talks about the club the he's acquiring.

The English club, tell us about it. Responds, The English club, we have an agreement between us and them, and hopefully God willing after 2 weeks everything will be clear.

What's the club he gets asked again?

Responds It's an English club! I won't say the name. Division? Ofcourse not the premier league. No Brighton, No Watford.

QPR? they play in the premier, it is none of them. It has a great history.

What is Jamal's role? Jamal will become part of the president's office (laughing) I actually went to QPR with the guy in black besides him, we went and saw the stadium and went inside, but in terms of shares, I was expecting to be sold 52%, two days before the signing it went to 30%, the current club? It will be 100% yes.