McKenna Officially Gone

Well it was drawn out and we all knew it was coming. In fact yesterday we speculated this would happen today or at least early next week,but McKenna has now officially joined Dele Adebola at Hull.

Since the end of the season there have been noises about McKenna moving on,first to Preston before the Hull rumours. Forest have let McKenna move for free, with a season left on his contract.

I for one think it's a shame to see the back of Paul,but perhaps it is best all round. He was very much Billy's Lieutenant on the pitch,and without Davies here, maybe it's time for him to move on.

Often much maligned for reasons that have always confused me, I think he was always an easy man to dislike as he was never the most attacking player. He did the simple things though that many people don't understand. Always looking to pass the ball simply rather and makes pace than do a McGugan and take an entire team on.

I think the highlight for McKenna may have been his pile-driver against his former club Preston,although he may not agree, he certainly didn't celebrate the goal.

It was becoming obvious during the last few months though that his legs weren't up to the task in the way they once might have been though. Which is a shame,and he was a great leader on the pitch.

It now means we will be looking at a new club captain,and I for one am putting myself firmly in the Luke Chambers camp.

Anyway, thanks Paul, you've been a magnificent servant in those 2 years,and a great captain,good luck at Hull