Bennett Joins Owls

I'm sure you all have read this news elsewhere by now(I don't profess to be a news site, more commenting on the news with my own view anyway) but Julian Bennett has left Forest.

Despite the previous news that he had a gentleman's agreement to a new deal if no-one offered a contract being in place,this has not been needed to be invoked following his move to Sheffield Wednesday to be reunited with footballing genius(sic)Gary Megson.

It was of course Megson who signed him for Forest in the first place,and it seems Megson still believes that Bennett is the man for him,despite his horrendous injury which saw him miss most of 2009.

It's probably the right move, Bennett is not the quality required at Championship level,and his heart and determination can help paper over the cracks in his game in League One. Wednesday are probably good fit, Bennett won't need to move, it's still local,it's a big club,and he knows the man in charge.

I may have been a critic of him at times,but I wish him well for the future.I will miss timing how long it takes him to be booked in any given game for a mental rash challenge.