So Long, and Thankyou...

As previously reported it looked like Tyson, Moussi and others may be off.

Well the first confirmed departure is Dele Adebola,who it has been revealed has signed a deal with Hull. Two things spring to mind with me and Adebola. One it's really not much of a miss. Ok the big feller came on and scored one or two vital goals here and there, and he always tried his damndest, but lets face it, he was never good enough. In fact had we released him at the end of last season most would have been relieved. He won a few people more over this season, but he was never going to be leading the line for the Reds, used as a big lump to aim at when we really need it up in the area late on. Another aspect to this is that a "promotion rival" in Hull (I used inverted commas as I see them as nothing of the sort) has signed him. One of our cast offs being picked up by a rival can only be good news. Our players who aren't good enough are still sought after elsewhere, what does that say about us?

Nathan Tyson looks likely to sign a deal somewhere this week, with a number of clubs including Ipswich, Derby and Hull have been mentioned. The thing with Tyson is I don't begrudge the guy a move. He has been a number of years, but I still say he isn't a Championship quality player, as he can neither control the ball, finish or cross. That being said he has been therein some vital matches and no-one will ever forget the Man City goal, but lets face it,if we wan to kick on, he isn't good enough. Neither does he play enough being as injury prone as he is. We all laughed when Blackpool were linked last summer.

Julian Bennett is unlikely to be retained, as most readers will know I am not a fan of a player whose whole reputation is for effort. That will only take you so far, ability has to be there too and I'm afraid he doesn't have the requisite amount. Those who hold him high regard are usually the types of fan who celebrate a hard tackle as much as a goal. No doubt like Tyson he weighed in with some good performances but he is also a League 1 player. Palace didn't think much to him either, and they were rubbish. Indeed a 37 year old Edgar Davids was used as left back ahead of Bennett in a few games.

Paul Smith, won't be signing for Boro as they don't have any spare budget for wages. Thats because they are paying such ridiculous fees to former SPL rejects. Add in they only got him into cover injuries anyway, so they have keepers they already rate without adding more to their creaking wage bill.

Now we come to the two players where there is a lot of interest from Forest fans. There are numerous unconfirmed reports that Moussi has signed for Everton. There has been no concrete proof of this yet. To be fair he is so inconsistent that it might not be such a huge loss. When he is poor he might as well be an opponents twelfth man he gives away possession so much. That said he is a beast in the midfield.
Earnshaw has attracted supposed interest from Leicester and Cardiff. However the word is he wants to stay at Forest as he feels settled. The issue is we want him to take a pay cut. He does have a higher paid deal on offer elsewhere, but on a shorter term deal than we are offering (ie we are offering 2 years, the other deal offered by whoever is one year) I comes down to a quick pay day for Earnie or more stability, so its still very much in the air.

Nialle Rodney tweeted earlier today he doesn't know where he will be playing next year.