I Was There...When Gary Crosby Headed the Ball Out the Keepers Hands

In the next instalment of our special features on memorable events at Forest games that our readers and members attended is when Manic Loop attended the game between Forest and Man City, which became famous for one incident at the Bridgford End.

On March 3rd 1990 this game became famous forever for a goal that was scored by the scruffy Forest number 7. And I was there. Except here's the twist in this tale. I never actually saw it. Like many goals in this situation where it looks innocuous and a mere formality that what's coming isn't worth watching, like a Andy Dibble punt upfield, I looked away, I can't remember if it was to look elsewhere(I was still young and the mere footballing crowd fascinated me)
This was a time where my Dad worked for a company who owned a Box, and what with having 3 young sons, taking them in an Executive Box was a safer and comfortable option. I also remember this game because in the box6or so down from us was the "comedian" Eddie Large, a renowned Man City fan, in fact the girls who worked the boxes had told us and had us gawping through the windows of the restaurant at him.
Anyway, the goal,I was there, but I was looking up field, to see where the resulting kick would happen. This isn't the only time I missed goals in similar situations involving Man City, I missed most of the Joe Garner third goal at City of Manchester Stadium because I wasn't looking at a safe throwing for City in their own half till Hamann lost his mind.
I still love this Crosby goal though, the cheek and temerity to try such a trick was genius. If you watch the video look behind the goal, there are only actually a few start celebrating and even when the goal was given some still seem bemused at the awarding of the goal. I'm not even sure Crosby will have been sure it was going to be awarded, the way he peels away to celebrate suggests maybe he did.
There is an extended 10 minute video on Youtube where they have Gary Lineker and Jimmy Greaves discussing the goal, as with another referee of the day. Greavsie is adamant its a goal, but the Ref seems to suggest he didn't. Lineker largely umms and ahhs.
If this was today it would be al over the papers, Sky would show it a lot and talk to everyone moving, as would the BBC on MOTD. Back then, you got 5 mins at the end of the Sunday Match.

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