Good old City Ground

With the news that the World Cup has failed and therefore the hopes of a new stadium being built I would just like to rescind my comments about wanting anew ground. They are all bland. I say this with my tongue firmly in cheek, and without a trace of bitterness.
The fact remains that now we don't have the bid the chances of moving are going to be slim to none. For a start with any such a big project, having World Cup backing would have seen the government smooth over the planning regulations and make sure they get built. That backing will be no more.
The club have said they will seek to find a new long term home. The council were very non committal on that front. Mainly because now they won't have the cash coming from the World Cup there's no incentive to invest. Therefore it'd pretty much have to be us by ourselves financing the move ad I really see now hope in that.
Redeveloping the Min Stand and bringing the ground up to 35,000 - 38,000 in that area seems a much more sensible option. Especially as we barely fill the place now.

So good old City Ground, I've always loved it, and I looks like we'll be staying.