"Managing" Forest

I think just about all of us will have played some kind of management sim on at some stage. Some of us more than others.
I have been a huge fan and player of the Football Manager and Championship manager before that. And without any doubt everytime I first play the game I will always start with Forest.
In November the latest edition will be released and no doubt it'll have that same feeling of anticipation I always have to see who the vast network of scouts that SI Games employs and taps into to have judged are Forests good players.
There will always be a case where they have set someone up to be a wonderful player who you think is frankly useless and vice versa one of your favourite players will be always be crap.
Trying to maintain a loyalty to the players who are performing whilst secretly knowing you have to drop the likes of a Majewski or McGugan and maybe go loan some Premiership nobody.
Or that's that moment you come to the conclusion that what tactics your playing are useless and begrudgingly maybe the manager was right all along in playing that way.
I was disappointed on the last version to see McCleary wasn't up to very much, and then there's the startling fact that are the wages on the game really what they are in reality? Is Earnshaw really earning that much? Why was Lynch on more than Morgan?
There is no doubt I will disappointed when one of my star youngsters turns into a petulant annoyance of a player.
All in all, its the whole question of thinking you know better and succeeding or failing. I got Forest promoted the other day, only to be relegated in dead last by April. At least I did better than the 11 points Derby got the other season though. That was a relief.