New Players in Focus: Barrie McKay

Scottish midfielder signed from Rangers last month

22 year old Scottish international Barrie McKay was signed for Forest in July by Mark Warbuton who managed him in Scotland at Rangers. Barrie, born in Paisley,

Barrie McKay unveiled at Forest
is a creative type player, who helped Rangers back up to the Scottish premier League. he signed for Rangers as a lad, and had loan spells at Greenock Morton and Raith Rovers. With close to 150 career appearances at his age, he has enough experience to be treated as a senior player and yet has time on his side. He left Rangers under a cloud with his contract due to expire next season, Rangers cashed in whilst they could. Barrie had been frozen out by their new manage Pedro Caixinha, and had been asked to train with the U-20 team. Often criticised for being more about the more glamour side of the game rather than hard graft, McKay has come to Forest for £500k.

He has of course spoke of his delight for signing of a club like ours, which of course all new signings do, but I think Warburton has been such a positive influence on his career so far that it was the deciding factor for Barrie.

What do Rangers fans think to his departure?

Its mixed, but then my experience of Rangers fans is that of very bitter individuals. The majority all say something of the "good riddance" variety, but with them the moment you even hint you want to leave then the fans will turn.

In terms of negative
 A comment on the Herald Scotland website read
"What is your answer (tripe) to the fact that the lazy poser turned down a new contract. He forgets to mention that in his attack on Rangers. Well rid of someone who is another wasted talent and was more concerned about how his hair looked than actually doing some work on the field."

And a forum comment read
"So why didn't he sign the contract he was offered? That had fuck all to do with Pedro. He didn't want to play for us - he wanted a significantly improved contract, despite doing fuck all to warrant it. And he called the club's bluff by going to the press about it. 
McKay wasn't being treated unfairly, and his comments just reinforce that he's got a sense of entitlement that his career performances don't warrant. "

"Talent was there, for whatever reason he never produced it anywhere near enough to warrant staying at Ibrox, that and the fact he is a total coward on the pitch, any game he got clattered early on he hid like fuck and wasn't interested. "

On a positive front

From a Rangers forum however was this
"Good player, who we signed at a young age and developed, still wanted to play for us but got treated like a bit of shite off our current manager so Dalcio could get a game over him
Just let that sink in
This along with many other things, the main one being the Progres result, should signal the end for Caixinha here, he's clueless"

"Actually agree with most of that, I said over a year ago that if McKay had the heart of Wee Willie Henderson he has the potential to be one of the best forwards in Europe, sadly nobody can instill that spirit in a player, it has to come from within.  I am also not sure, and said so during the McCostalot reign if stuck out on the wing is actually his best position.  Hopefully Pedro can better motivate him, even if it is only to sell him on and make some dosh."

And from the Herald Scotland again
"Sorry to see Barry go. I think there is some real talent there, and properly managed has the potential to be a cracking player"

The managers view
I am struggling to find some direct quotes from Warburton about McKay. But lets face it, he managed him at rangers, and his best periods last season were when Warburton used him. So clearly the boss knows him well and how to best utilise him.

Value for Money?

All you have to see is what Rangers fans were saying should be the price. In the multiple millions. We got him for a knock down £500k. What we have seen thus far is that he is a creative spark that is much needed between midfield and attack. He clearly is ambitious and I have no doubt he has half an eye on using us a stepping stone to a bigger club, but in that mean time we get a young hungry player who wants to improve. If we make a massive profit, great, if we get a player playing well to prove a point, great. We know what we are getting in character from the way he has left Rangers. Sometimes for a club of our size we did have to accept being a stepping stone in young players careers. But that means they won't sit and dwell on their wages like an older player might.

We have already seen as I say that McKay is a spark in midfield. He will vastly improve the squad, as we haven't had a player of his ilk for a while.He was linked with a big money move to Leipzig last season, so there's obviously a talented and coveted player in there.

McKay, playing for Rangers

In Summary

We have a potential gem, and signing of the season in McKay. He left Rangers as he wanted chances in the team and the new boss didn't much fancy him. Its Rangers loss and our gain. There is the worry from what Rangers fans said he was a cowardly player avoiding tackles, but I don;t watch Scottish football as I;m not insane so can;t comment on the relatively physicality of the game up there. It depends what is expected and whats needed. We've had attacking players without a hint of tackling ability before and McGugan and Majewski were well liked by many fans.I think most of the comments are sour comments from bitter fans, and as I said, Rangers fans in my experience are extremely bitter.
McKay for m is the signing that excites me the most this pre season.