Steady Thought Out Recruitment

We received a huge sum of cash a week or so ago, and what’s quite refreshing to see is that the recruitment going on since hasn’t been a panic, and utilising that cash by paying over the odds.
Many have said that the fee for Murphy, for a player of 33 is too high. But the market is what it is. 

Strikers get big fees. In that world you are essentially paying £2mill for a season for strikers if you see what age they go for and what price people pay.  So even if Murphy only does the business for a season or so, then that’s as good value as you can see. You may talk of sell on value, but there is no guarantee of any sell on value for any player. Assombalonga half a year ago was considered a spent force and we’d have snapped that figure off, so you always one injury from value being obliterated.

Warburton seems to have a plan for recruitment. A plan that was lacking last season as the club seemed to utilise agents hawking their players at us, rather than judging the players they want, not who are offered. The signings of Dumitru, Perquis, Pereira and Stojkovic smack of agents being closely associated with clubs.

The current recruitment drive has seen two young Scottish players signed for relatively modest fees. Bouchalakis is relatively risk free, as he’s from our owners other club. Murphy could be the Glenn Murray type signing that works out at this level so often. Experienced strikers often thrive in this division. Now we have another right back, so that gives strength in depth to another position. Some say it spells the end for Lichaj, but its competition, which can only be healthy.

We haven’t secured a senior left back yet, but surely that’s on the shopping list, and we seem to have waited and not decided to pay over the odds for the new central midfielder we are chasing. Whether that is Irvine or Gardner, we haven’t rushed in just spent a huge sum to get the man.

The club is being well run. And that’s off the pitch too. The ground is being tidied up and given a bit of spit and polish. That same thought out recruitment seems to have happened off the pitch in the boardroom and in the boot room.

And we are setting up good connections for getting our younger players vital experience on loan, whether that is Grant at County or the relationship with Barrow, it can only benefit the club.

These are good times people.