Takeover Fails. We Are Doomed.

A couple of hours ago Fawaz announced that he had ended negotiations on the deal with the American consortium headed up by John Jay Moores to buy Nottingham Forest. The wording made it all look like Fawaz had done us a favour and massaged his ego. The ‘partial sale’ rather than a majority share was mentioned. Yes 80% is only a part of 100% but it’s already trying to downplay what has happened.

Other vague comments about it not being right for the fans or the club which of course are utter tripe as it boils down to pure greed and money. Fawaz never considered the fans or the club for one second in this negotiation but the benefit of his bank account. If he was going to fail as Chairman he still wanted to at least make some cash out of it. At the end of the day his vanity project has failed and he has wasted a lot of cash he needs to recoup.

Now with half the transfer window gone and no new investment coming we are left floundering in a relegation fight with players who don’t want to be here and a manager knowing his days are numbered.

Fawaz said the deal wasn’t in the interest of the long term future of the club. This is extremely interesting, because Fawaz has never acted in the long term benefit of the club. Transfer deals which could have seen bigger fees were accepted because money was upfront. That was definitely the case with Burke and almost certainly with Antonio. I can’t remember if it was for Darlow and Lascelles but he certainly got cash up front, I’m just not sure if other offers were on the table.

How can he claim this is in the best interests of the long term future when he has constantly acted in a way that has always been short termism. Hiring and firing managers with no long projected aim. No infrastructure, no planned scouting. Just knee jerk reaction after knee jerk reaction. There has never been a plan other than a vague spend spend spend till we get promoted. That put us under embargo and set the club back. The stadium has never been invested in other than cosmetics.

There has never been any semblance of a plan. So how can Fawaz be acting in the best faith when the new regime would have had a plan. How can the man have the temerity to say he has the best interests and that this isn’t right for Forest, when he doesn’t have a clue and isn’t investing? The past year or so he has got by on player sales. The Antonio cash was never realistically invested, The Burke cash certainly hasn’t. And yet the man has never admitted that sales were needed to keep going.

This is because of his brash arrogance and vanity. He has to be seen to be a success. In his word success is cash. If he admits he’s skint and that he can’t go cap in hand to the family any more than its embarrassing to himself. So he blags it out at Forest and makes out he’s rich. This is lapped up by idiots and by career journalists like Natalie Jackson more bothered about getting the big interview than actually asking any important questions. Oh yeah eh you ask Fawaz his aims he says third stars but the man never actually went into anything deeper than this. Because Fawaz is as deep as a puddle. He is so shallow.

This deal almost certainly failed because Fawaz felt he wanted more cash. Not the interests of Forest. Not for one second would he have considered the offer on the table would benefit the club. He only considered his bank account. We have been lied to time and time again.

So what do we do? We boycott. He’s already losing millions. So make him lose a few more. The clubs on a hiding to nothing with him in charge, so let’s screw his bank accounts over even more. The idiot probably doesn’t realise how hated he is. He has to know that he has to go.

Someone pointed out something on Twitter. They tagged Fawaz and asked him what the plan from here is. Why has the deal been refused, why wasn’t it right. Now Fawaz will come out with more vague comments about feeling it wasn’t the best for fans without really outlining why his plan (there isn’t one) is better. He won’t ever say this is what we need to do. Montanier will be sacked and what then? Which manager would want to work under these conditions with this whacko in charge?

Our best periods of form this season were when take overs were on the cards. What does that tell you? The players are excited and motivated when he might be off. When they dragged on form dropped. God knows what will happen at Birmingham.

All I do know is that this club is on life support. And the plug just got pulled.