Silly Season in Rumoursville

A new year brings January, and January brings the Transfer Window. For one month bored kids and students get to pretend they are some kind of informed transfer guru and set up a Twitter feed in which they hope to get thousands and followers. They invariably get couple of dozen before they get bored.

We are linked with a few players, which is laughable, as we under embargo again because we didn’t submit our accounts. Furthermore that takeover means there will be changes in direction and strategy. As we don’t know who the club will employ there's no idea who their targets would be, therefore why are we being linked with players like Omar Bogle. Laziness. Lets just link successful lower league player with a host of mid range Championship clubs because…why not?

The links to players leaving are worrying but again, theres no-one left with a remit to accept bids. If Fawaz does he endangers the takeover and as he wants out theres no way he’d do that again. That said offers are supposedly flying in for Lansbury, with new bids apparently for Lansbury from Derby. Perhaps they misunderstood that turning down of the offer, as no we can’t accept as theres no-one to accept as just increasing the offers. Could make an interesting bidding war.

You have two top Premiership sides suppedly bidding for Ben Brereton, which is very akin to Patrick Bamford and the whole situation around his leaving. However, Bamford had to be sold as his contract was expiring. At least Brereton has a contract so we don;t feel forced to sell.

Now this is all before we begin on the mass rumour cluster fuck that is Fawaz and the sale to John Jay Moores. Apparently (rumour 1) the Americans finished everything at their end before Christmas, December 22 to be exact, Fawaz has been sat waiting to finalise the deal and the Americans cannot understand what the hell he is stalling on.

Rumour 2 in this whole sorry tale is that Fawaz intends to try and cash out another couple of assets before he sells. This seems unlikely. I doubt he can act without the Americans permission, and selling any asset would be frowned upon, whether it be a fringe player of the club captain and talisman Henri Lansbury. This is unless of course you believe rumour 3 that Fawaz is simply hoping the US dollar suffers in the lead up to Trumps ascendancy to power and maximises his value. That implies Fawaz has any business acumen at all.

The moving goalposts rumour (4) is along the lines of the Daily Mail article, whereby he's changing the deal. That would appear to be bollocks as the deals been on the table to be signed since late December.

And finally is the rumour he's just doing this to keep people off his back and use his usual spin of it wasn't my fault. He's stalling so the Yanks walk away and Fawaz will then say he did everything he could. He has no intention of selling as he's still deluded enough to think he can still fix us. Like a committed gambler he's wanting just one more shot.

Overall all we need is for the idiot to finally go away. Then we get some peace and quiet round here hopefully. Instead of tedious Twitter rages and that Leetheo twat pretending he knows something when he clearly doesn;t because he never actually says what he claims he knows.