Is Independence Day Looming?

The puns with various American themes I ran through first and foremost were numerous. “The American Dream.”, “American Revolution.” “The Kuwait is Over.” Etc all could have easily worked.

It seems the takeover is done. Fawaz is at most only a small shareholder who no doubt will get no say and slowly pushed aside before eventually selling up before long in my opinion. The Kuwaiti flag (which did look tattered at the last game) has apparently been lowered. Lalou Tifrit is gone. The end is nigh.

And I for welcome our new American overlords.

The takeover cannot come soon enough. I think we all know another Transfer Window of Fawaz would see further sales. We have been given so many false promises to keep us off his back since that fateful day in august he sold Burke. Promises of reinvestment, of a new Lansbury deal, all just lip service to  baying mob of fans. Fawaz was always hoping to be gone by the next window. The Burke money was to avoid him making further financial contributions, to pay for the club till someone else would.

So yes it is Independence day. Independence from the cult of personality Fawaz used Forest as. A means to fuel his own ego. I have spoke countless times of his brash flashy ways. His Instagram pictures of watches, boasts of cars owned and his opulent homes. It’s all to give you an image of how wonderful he is. Even his trophy hunting of animals and use of various sycophants as advisers at Forest were all to fuel his ego. To revel in peoples adulation rather than actually push Nottingham Forest forward from a love of the club. Everything was what people wanted to hear. It was all for attention.

So we are free. How will the Americans be? Who knows, Surely they will have more commercial savvy than a man owning a club as a shiny trinket. They will want to drive up revenue surely, so that the club isn’t a financial drain as it was for Fawaz who thought he’d get us promoted easily. They have run sports teams before so know what  it entails, but not Football.

Fawaz legacy is forever to be one of failure and false promises. Outright lies if you will. That’s not the way to run a club. So here is to the future