Goal Stats: 27/11/2016

Here is a brief analysis and roundup of the goal stats produced thus far on using our simple analysis dashboard

A simple graph illustrating the top keepers. Assombalonga, Vellios and Lansbury share the top scorer position with 6 each. Burke despite being left for 3 months is 4th top scorer, with only perquis and Lam of the rest getting off 1 goal.

Goals: Home/Away
Really simple here. There is as many home goals as away goals.

Goals: Method
The majority of goals have been good old fashioned shots. With two penalties and a relatively smaller number of headers and volleys

Goals by Time:
The largest majority of goals are in the last 5 mins including Injury time. Considering the pervious period too, and over a third of goals come in the last 15 mins There area number of consolation goals in that amount. The quietest period is is 66-75 mins.

Area of Goal:
Interestingly a vast majority of goals have gone in the bottom left corner. Only one goal has gone in the opposite corner. Whether this a deliberate aim to go for one corner is complete guesswork, but to see nearly half the goals all go in one area is surprising

Goal Range
Possibly contributing to where the goals are scorer, the majority come from the inside left of the penalty area. Just 5 goals have come outside the area, and a total 8 from real close range.

Goalscorer by Method:
All of Assombalonga's goals have been shots or headers. On Lansbury has scorer a penalty who has the widest range of goal types. Vellios has a high percentage of volleys with half his goals from that technique whilst its the rarest goal type this season

We will hope to expand further on some aspects this week, with greater Assist analysis