Fawaz Revealed Demands Show the Shallow Fool He Really Is

Daniel Taylor published an article today featuring a number of facts that were known, such as Fawaz wanting to retain 20% of the club. What we also learned was some of the other details of his selling demands, and to say they are alarming and surprising is a huge understatement.

Fawaz apparently wants a weekly salary akin to a top player. That is utter crazy. I can even fathom how stupid such a demand is. Here is why.

If I owned a company that had, in generous terms, not progressed, and in more real terms, I had singly failed in my leadership of it, I would expect to sell that company for a fee which the company was worth and get the hell out. What I, or any sane person wouldn't expect was to stay on in a token role of no real apparent point, and then demand a salary as much as many of the company’s top performers, despite, let us remember, my leadership being a failure. Fawaz clearly thinks he is worth this.

Let us also then mention the next point Taylor featured. Wages are regularly late. Players are disgruntled and have frequently considered strikes. No wonder the defence often falls asleep, criticisms of players not giving their worth would perhaps have some justification. If I wasn’t paid in my job, my performance and work satisfaction would plummet.

What we also have his Sycophant in chief Emad backing up his demands, and even saying that £1million a year isn’t a lot. In what person’s world is a 7 figure salary not much? The weekly fee is more than a great deal of fans ANNUAL salary. For someone who HAS FAILED.

This of course gets better. Fawaz also wants a return of any future profits, which is more than what most suspected of wanting to sell his 20% when promoted for a greatly inflated fee. Furthermore he wants bonuses (BONUSES!!! FOR THIS CLOWN??!!) Akin to the players. You know those guys who actually do a role on the pitch.

So as we say about unhappy players, how would it feel that a man who didn’t pay your wages on time and who failed in what he sold you, then demands a salary more than or equal to yours? Its crazy!!!
What exactly Fawaz will do for this salary is unclear. He can’t work effectively when it’s his money on the line so what he’d actually do for his money when its someone else who is paying the bills and trying to guide us to success is beyond my comprehension.

The temerity of the man is ridiculous. Emad promises an official rebuke from the club, which will be interesting. No doubt it will talk a lot about how he is working to better the club (all the while negotiating a deal that would seriously hinder FFP restrictions.) I think he thinks these rebuttals work, because in the past they sort of have. I really think he doesn’t realise just how angry this latest revelation has made people. Already unpopular the fact he clearly now just wants to line his pockets, suggest he has never ever had the club at heart. He always just wanted to get us promoted to sell for profit, and was so hopelessly misguided in his approach that he has failed.

The man has to be gotten rid of. Since I last wrote an article that proved to be by far the most read on this sites history, a few details also came clear from other fans. But each time a new announcement is made, so it was revealed that potential buyers were close, which temporarily appeased people, till today’s bombshell, when even surely the last acolyte of Fawaz will no longer believe the man’s propaganda, or his vain claims of family abuse, despite there being no evidence.

Fawaz has to go now. Not 80%, not a salary, just out of the club 100%. All ties cut. Just go Fawaz; you are the least welcome man at the City Ground. Even Scholar and Wray are looking better than you. 


  1. Fawaz only ever wanted to get an easy promotion, rake in lots of cash and then leave Forest much richer. Now he has realized this will likely never happen and wants out. But, like a deluded gambler, he thinks he can make a bet but then get his money back with extra on top EVEN IF HE LOSES HIS BET. The man is a clown I never trusted. This was easy to see from day one.


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