Fawaz: The Immovable Object

This summer seemed almost like a watershed for Nottingham Forest. After all the supposed new deal with the Greek shipping magnate Evangelos Marinakis looked to go through, only for the Football League to essentially put the kybosh on the deal, Fawaz has looked elsewhere for investment.

Time to go Fawaz
It’s clearly obvious that Fawaz has no more funding from the al-Hasawi family for Forest. Hence the Oliver Burke sale. Fawaz therefore needs to find new partners for his play thing. Rather than selling up and forgetting the whole sorry episode, it seems he is desperate to carry on, but just needs someone to give him the funds. As is obvious after this last 4
years no-one in their right mind would allow Fawaz anywhere near their product.

I think its extremely misguided and extremely naïve of Fawaz to think anyone would want to come in as a silent partner for him to probably squander the money. I know the view would be the money gained back if promoted would dwarf that invested. Fawaz though shows no ability to chairman a  club to anywhere. Progressively finishing lower under his guidance, its not exactly something that would instil confidence in any further investors.

The fact that there are interested parties is positive. The fact that Fawaz doesn’t want to sell fully is less so. Red Bull are a successful investor in sport, but the clubs legacy would be whitewashed as their brand gets put over everything at the club. The name, the stadium, the kit colours, we really would be a marketing tool for them. That’s said, I’m not sure it’s so easy to change the name of the team (see Hull) so it could be less of a chore.

Other investors have enquired and instantly given up interest when the details of any deal Fawaz wants come to light. So we have an impasse. Fawaz is keen to stay with the club, and I genuinely believe the guy thinks he can get Forest promoted. Like any of us though, whether that be an evening at the Dog track, or even on 2p slot machines at the seafront, “just another go” is that dangerous mindset.

I am not for hounding out Fawaz. Not in the slightest. Fans hounded out Doughty, which was ridiculous and nearly got us relegated when the club had to sell any player retaining value and see the likes of Chambers, Lynch and McCleary leave for nothing. The same would happen again with Lansbury and Assombalonga out the door quickly, followed soon after by anyone retaining any value.

That said, Fawaz doesn’t appear to have the backing anymore either. Clinging on to hope that this house of cards won’t fall down he appeals to anyone to invest.

I saw an analogy yesterday and I should have saved who it was to put in, where someone said "I'll just sell my house and demand the new owner lets me kip in spare room for free." and that's what it feels like. He can't do it himself anymore, but still wants the kudos and praise for guiding Forest up. It merely suggests he is extremely shallow and materialistic. Exactly what we said before when Fawaz only wanted to spend on shiny signings not actual ground infrastructure and security.

Hopefully Fawaz will realise his dream of selling 80% but retaining charge is folly. And we can move on and draw a line under the past 4 years of gradual decline.