Player Stats: September 2016/17

So here is a break down of the player stats we collate on this site.

We have a page at the top for both player and goals stats we try to update every month or so.

Here though we will look in detail as we just have generic listings at the top.

It is clear her that we all know that Montanier likes to tinker. Osborn and Kasami with Lansbury are outfield players who have played a lot of minutes. Burke had been too until his departure. Obviously a few more players have left. Blackstock had no minutes before he left. Fryatt and Pinillos and Hobbs are yet to feature.

As above this just shows the table in graphical form. It shows just how many minutes more Henderson has played. 9-10 players spike higher than others. The influence of playing a lot of the League Cup minutes for Lichaj and Mills for instance where others haven't.

If you look at the Championship alone, again 10-11 players begin to spike higher than most of the others, it would being to suggest certain players are featuring more, so would almost begin to disprove the tinkering idea. 

This is a little more complex and starts to bring in the average minutes played per match. Not just overall minutes and not games played but a combo. Therefore players that stay on the pitch for full games (Ie players with better fitness or more integral, or most importantly, play consistently well) So although Burke had the second highest of % of total mins he also played an average of 77 mins, meaning he was either a sub bought on, or commonly withdrawn early. Lansbury for instane ends up playing 100 mins on ave each game. He is never subbed off.

This shown graphically below

The blue marker shows the mins played. Again 10-11 players clump towards the left, as playing more mins. Mancienne doesn;t have a lot of mins but always plays a full set of minutes.

Although we will look at goals closer, that will be closer analysis of the types of goals etc. Here is a simple equation of dividing goals by minutes played. Assombalonga's importance is shown clearly. He scores a goal every 47 minutes on average. Lam interetsing has a very good ratio too. 

Again graphically to show that in an easier format.