Britt Brexit??

So a throw away comment in a rumour section in a tabloid that is liberal with the truth has led to a meltdown amongst Forest fans believing that Britt Assombalonga is Norwich bound. The figure banded around is £7million, which would  represent around even money (The £8mill figure bandied around was inclusive of add ons and various clauses).

What puzzles me is the fact that many fans see the deal as done when there has been no concrete interest other than the Sun claiming something. We should know now from over the years that with the various Lansbury saga’s just because a club wants a player doesn’t mean we have to sell that player. And just because a low offer comes in doesn't mean that a higher juicier offer will.

Now the sum suggested that Norwich will pay is a low figure yes, but think, when you play Football manager or FIFA do you try to buy a player at top value first, or test the water with lower bids? When you buy a house you don’t go in at the top end, you see what value you can get, before making more concrete bids. They may or may not come. The rumour mill moved on to Norwich looking at McCormack instead.

This was followed by the news of chasing a £6mill rated Greek playing in Belgium. Far too many linear views of seeing two not too dissimilar values, meant people (as usual Hannah) thought that this definitely 100% meant Britt is off. I struggle to understand the black or white type of view many people take. 'It's this or this, but nothing in between.'

Furthermore, the meltdown seems to forget one vital thing. We need to be a more financially savvy club. The same fans claiming a lack of skill in financial management and how its terrible we reached such a state are also the first to bemoan player sales as small time mentality. You can’t in this day and age have both. Buying and then selling for profit has to be a cornerstone of our business. That does mean a higher price yes, but the fact we held on to players till they were were of no financial value bought us to here. We have to attempt to balance the books. Which could well mean player sales. Not for the pittance offered, but in general.

And for me this final point is important. As fans, as a collective, we can't see sales as a lack of ambition. Sometimes players want to move. They have a limited career and seek to maximise earnings. If you were offered the chance of double, or tripling the money you earn you would take it. We have to be realistic, players want to go to the highest level possible.

To summarise though, just because Norwich have expressed an interest doesn't mean Assombalonga is off. Additionally though, player sales could well be likely to offset other losses. The next year or two need to be nursed through to negate the splurges we made before with the increased length of window FFP is considered over.