Whats Happening With the Takeover?

The impending takeover from Evangelos Marinakis has gone somewhat quiet. After all the furore and news in late May around this deal going through, and some made up June 2nd completion date we still seem to be no closer to getting official answers.

As I have said before, there’s a host of fans spoilt by Fawaz willingness to engage on Twitter around anything who simply can’t deal with the sudden silence coming from the Kuwaiti. They also will have to learn that Marinakis may not be as forthcoming with news as Fawaz, which will be refreshing to see a club do its business in silence, rather than some kind of popularity contest where Fawaz has to judge his worth by retweets.

The other facts seem to be that the Olympiakos contingent does their business quietly, as there’s no constant stream of information in the press. There are tit bits here and there, but by and large the journalists don’t have a clue what is happening. The usual sources of information seem to be rather vague or just often wrong with what they say.

It’s clear the Post have no idea what’s happening, and keep resorting to rent-a-quotes Birtles and Burns to fill content. Although I can’t do down their club legend status, they are dinosaurs of the game, and they keep coming out with either state the obvious comments or stuff that seems borderline EDL rally material. Paul Taylor has been on holiday, and the eagerness of the underlings whilst he was off to fill the void led to some frankly embarrassing guff. Plus most of their material seems to be “stuff we read on Twitter.”

The National media seem less clued up, or perhaps they are, but that Nottingham Forest takeover news just doesn’t sell papers or garner clicks. For all that some fans jumping up and down on Twitter would have you believe the rest of football are laughing at us, the rest of football in fact, couldn’t give a shit about us. I live and work in Sheffield and as such discuss football with Wednesday and Blades fans. If it wasn’t for me talking about it, they’d have no idea we even had a takeover in the offing, let alone be “embarrassing for how long it’s taking.”

The best stuff comes from Greece, where one journalist has been the best source. He has always said the deals on and not wavered, whereas English ones seem to want to suggest problems because frankly they look to be grasping at straws.

And today another source even names people as being earmarked for high up positions like CEO at Forest. Yiannas Vrentoz looks like he could be earmarked as CEO but the translation from Greek to English has been a little confusing and disjointed, so that may not be 100% true. Even so they suggest the deal all to be done by the end of June.

Adding credence to this was the news over the weekend we already appear to be lining up deals. Vellios, the former Everton striker looks like he will be making the trip back to England, with a £1million ish deal bringing him over. Such deals wouldn’t happen without people to ratify them and sign them off, also meaning maybe all the top positions are earmarked, but just no announcements made as they can’t be till the dust is all settled on the deal.

So it all seems to be going on, but slowly. Fans keep asking Fawaz for updates or to announce something, but what to announce? The likelihood is he can’t say anything as part of some confidentially agreement, but the average slack jawed fan just thinks he should tell everyone everything all the time, because for 4 years that’s been the norm. I genuinely worry these people will have mental breakdowns when any new regime doesn’t have a public face on Twitter for them to fire all the abuse/advice at when they are bored at home. These people seemingly have inside knowledge of how not only to run a football club, but also how to run takeovers too. My favourite ones are the ones who claim they are speaking for all Forest fans, and not just their own over-inflated sense of self-worth.

Just because every facet of the deal isn’t being done in the public sphere doesn’t mean nothing’s happening. But the Post feel they have to report something, so it just seems they pad speculation or make vague suggestions to get those sweet precious clicks that drives the advertising revenue.