Forest 24-7 is Back

Hello people. After a sabbatical that was enforced due to the organising and process of getting married I now have time in my life to write various thoughts about all things Forest to the Internet.

And what a time.

With the mooted take over by Evangelos Marinakis from Olympiacos times are either exciting or somewhat worrying depending on how you read into the alleged match fixing offences he was charged (and acquitted) of

And with a new manager in the offing it really is a time of much to discuss. (Part of the reason for having being quiet wasn't just the wedding but a mixture of apathy and boredom with how last season had panned out)

Any regular readers if there are any left will know i am an advocate for stability. Chopping changing the team let alone the manager is not a solution, never mind complete regime overhaul, so this for me is a time I feel is a bit of worry as we don;t know how things will pan out.

But we risk being left along. Its apparent the al-Hasawi regime hasn't been a success and we see little signs that they know how to turn things round, as with successive hirings and firings we have made little progress in the 4 years of their reign. Indeed it feels exactly like when they took over. (Instability and needing players but with no clear person to make those signings)

So we are back.

On that note if there's anyone out there who wants to contribute feel free to email me on


  1. Glad to have you back! It's been a while. Like most Forest fans I feel that we really are in a state of limbo. As always, I'm trying to be optimistic but there are some nagging doubts.


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