Fawaz and the Future

There is a culture at the moment where it seems like fans feel like owners are like managers and can be chopped and changed Willy-nilly. That’s a very immature ridiculous view to take, but there’s a culture of fans, the same type of people who despised Doughty, calling for Fawaz to walk.

But how does someone with a huge vest financial interest just walk? They don’t Fawaz would want his money back, and there is a lot of money invested in Nottingham Forest by the al-Hasawi family.
Calling for a chairman to go is all well and good but it doesn’t really achieve much. I think it underlies the self-entitlement many have these days, where the instant impacts of social media see a generation of people feeling their views on any subject HAVE to be listened to and that everything has to be now now now.

The removal of Dougie for me was a wrong move. But fans had been calling for it for a long time. Fawaz finally gave in to this same small core of fans that start wanting any manager sacking after not winning for say 3 games.

This culture of catering to the fans, rather than actually doing what they think is right is a bit of a worry for me. The days of an almost faceless chairman running the club are long gone. People have become a bit more structure savvy and want to know who is pulling the purse strings so that they can usually direct abuse at them via some kind of online media.

It’s a relationship no other industry would have at all. I don’t feel the need to direct abuse at any other brands or companies I use for entertainment or services. True I use Twitter to direct problems at companies PR departments but that because that’s what they are for, not the CEO of companies.

And for some fans, the sense of self entitlement stretches to tweeting at the son of Fawaz. This is really beyond the pale. Directing your frustration at some teenager is ridiculous. I think it almost illustrates a complete lack of any social intelligence on behalf of some fans. That they think this is a good idea speaks volumes.

Yes mistakes have been made, repeatedly. But this is a guy who has so far been willing to lose sizeable chunks of cash on the club. We aren’t in this position through lack of investment. A new owner might cut the budgets are force player sales. A new owner might not be so open to fan interaction.
Look over the river. Ray Trew saved County after the Munto debacle. Now their fans turned on him and he’s got the club for sale. They have gone backwards. Ok buyers are in, but they are trying to get the club for cheap. You have to ask why.

People on Twitter use the usual refrain of there’s always someone to buy the club. But clubs chopping and changing ownership never ever ever thrive. Portsmouth plummeted through the leagues after an array of owners came and went. It never ends well. We could be the next Bolton if some fans get their way and get Fawaz to walk away. Say what you like, the guys committed, perhaps too committed.

Without anyone having a viable alternative I fail to see how anyone can claim they want the chairman gone/. He isn’t that bad in all reality. Yes he’s a little misguided and clueless, but at least we know where we stand. He isn’t that loon at Charlton or Cellino at Leeds. See theres always potential bad buyers when people say theres always a new owner in the offing.