Worst Ref in History

I think it’s a rarity I used this blog to single or our bemoan a referee but after last nights inept performance of Mark Brown.

Before I even begin to pick apart his performance last night, I urge anyone to simply search mark brown Referee or words to those affect. You will see his trail of destruction is not limited to just us.
And its not just red cards that have been given, but a host of poor decisions, bad judgement and odd refereeing here and there across the country with a host of fans. He’s a one man wrecking ball of destruction.

Last nights bizarre decision to send off Vaughan for a high boot that wasn’t a high boot, that even the opposition manager has questioned why it was a red card, is his latest gaff. Many fans have turned to tweeting the Football league and the FA to vent their frustration and anger about someone clearly unable to do his job correctly.

Whether Clayton Donaldson's amateur dramatics helped I am unsure. This is a big guy, he’s both tall and broad. To see him rolling round on the floor, doing as many as 4 or 5 rolls and having done that 6 times is embarrassing that a player seems more preoccupied with getting people booked or sent off rather than score goals. If the ref had done something about Donaldson and his cheating earlier maybe he would have stopped diving and feigning and maybe Vaughan wouldn't have been red carded.

Now there other decisions. Notably when he was going to sent off Nelson Oliviera for a second yellow before realising he'd booked him and so didn't. If you think somethings a yellow then send them off buddy. Don;t change your mind it shows your weak. Admittedly it was the right call but it shows that this ref wasn't a strong character, easy to change the mind of. Birmingham will have noticed this.

Moreover was the embarrassing incident of their right back Coutts who liked going to ground too, who went down in a heap up the pitch, but when needed back leaped up and sprinted back to help despite being prone and all but paralysed seconds earlier in an attempt to get a player booked. I don;t see lots of Birmingham. so I don;t know if this is usual behaviour, or a reaction to a ref that was easily influenced,

Paul Robinson however I will save for last. This guy is relic of a gone by era where hard men were given their plaudits. The likes of Mark Dennis, or Jimmy Case back in the day got by on hard men reputations, and Robinson now relies on his physical nature. Even down to when he did get booked, he looked like he was squaring up to the useless man in black.

I hope Mark Brown reads this. I hope he knows he is a deeply unwelcome figure at the City Ground as he simply isn;t capable of his job. The Football league need to take him out of action for a few weeks so he can watch and learn from other refs because he is no example to set