Players With No Future and Slashing the Wage Bill

If you consider the size of the squad restrictions in place at Forest, and the wheeling and dealing that needs to be done to be able to free up space there would look to be a few players merely running down their contract. Not deliberately, but players who have next to no future at the club and who would be better moved on now.

Kelvin Wilson, Chris Burke, and Andy Reid have deals that run till 2016 and would on the face of it, really not look worthwhile in renewing. The wage costs of keeping a player in the mix in the age of FFP would suggest they are best off severing ties unless they sign on a pay as you play type deal. Robert Tesche has been back in the squad but his contract is up at the end of season. He is reportedly on large wages, but there’s no way of being sure of the quoted figures. If so then, his game time versus cost benefit would be minimal. (In the time since starting this article it has come out Burke is departing to Rotherham, and has since signed for the Millers.)

Danny Fox has a contract till 2017 that would be best terminating if possible (easier said than done as this would cost us on FFP, whilst selling would not mean paying off his contract.) The same could apply for Dexter Blackstock who signed a 4 and a half year deal in 2013, taking him 2017. Both players are on wages that would be better spent elsewhere.

If rumours are to be believed, these 5 players are earning collectively in the region of £4,500,000 per annum. A hell of a lot to save on 5 players who as a whole have barely played 10 games between them this season. If you include Tesche that could be closer to £6,000,000 per annum. A long toward FFP security.

Under Dougie, the excesses of the Davies age have started to be expunged. High fees and wages that came in have slowly been moved aside, for a more frugal approach, enforced by the FFP restrictions, which have taught Forest the wonders of shopping around and promoting from within.
We have hopefully learned that chucking cash at marquee players doesn’t work. Team ethos and clever trading is a much better tool to use, and avoid the type of sanctions we currently have been under for the last year and for the foreseeable future.

A lot has been made in the last 24 hours about Roger Riera’s departure. But considering the guy is 20, and hasn’t even remotely looked like breaking into the team, he seems to have gone the way of David Tarka. Came with promise but has never broken through. Now are those who still buy into the whole “he came from Barca” vibe and think he should be in the team. But Alex Iacovetti and Joe Worrall are both arguably ahead in the pecking order now, so maybe it’s best to just part ways on amicable terms.

Had we not had a very strong central defensive line up, Roger may have had more chances. And those people who love a pop at Dougie are trying to use the Spaniards departure as a new rod to beat him with. Some have even said he doesn’t ever play youth players. One even cited the negative tactics he employs as a reason, despite Riera being a central defender. The lesson here is people are idiots who try to use anything to bash Dougie with, such as their sense of morale indignation at anything he does. The fact is Dougie has used and given squad places to a host of youngsters. Starts for Osborn, Rees, Burke, Grant, Walker, Evtimov, places on the bench for McDonagh, Iacovetti, and Durrant. Ok, so some played before he came in, but Dougie has continued using them. He prefers to slowly bed them in, rather than unleash. Get them used to being in the squad.

And that is vital.