The Most Ridiculous Argument in the World..Ever

Some Derby fans, and I strongly stress some, have kicked up a fuss because of a perceived bias against their club. Not from television, nor from the radio. But in fact from an airport, East Midlands Airport, an airport that is parochial at best.

A sign had been erected with some Derby player on it saying we are Derby, and had been put up in immigration. The airport insists this was done without full approval, and that it was taken down as they represent all three cities of the East Midlands equally and didn’t want to show any loyalty to just one. Fine,  All is fair then, all is good.

Or not.

You see some Derby fans insist it must have been disgruntled Forest and Leicester fans who complained to get it taken down (not Notts County, Chesterfield or Mansfield). They have now launched an oh-so-boringly-common-and-regular –to-the-point-no-one-takes-notice online petition. Oh joy, and online petition, because they work don’t they. There’s a petition about everything these days. My Facebook feed has at least one online petition on it a day from someone angry about some triviality of modern day life , and has such a feeling of entitlement to then get a petition to have whatever triviality it is reversed. Its ridiculous.

Have we as a society really come to this. Are football fans getting so ridiculous that they get so angered by a sign being removed? I mean what bloody purpose did it serve anyway. How many random tourists (and it won’t be many as the majority will be local based travellers) see that sign and think, oh well “they are Derby” so I better go support them, they must be a bigger team than their local rivals if they have to advertise in Immigration in an airport.

They argue that the airport shows a clear bias to Nottingham through the presence of Bow and arrow paraphernalia that is linked to Robin Hood and therefore Nottingham, despite there also being a Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster. I’m sure none of them would boycott cheap flights from there due to Robin Hood related propaganda because hell Doncaster hasn’t wronged Derby.

Or maybe, just maybe these people should get lives. Go outside. It’s Christmas. Be happy, enjoy your family. Don’t get angry and annoyed over the most banal trivial causes. If this bothers you then I am pleased you will boycott the airport, in the hope we don’t send morons like you abroad to represent the people of our nation.

Get over it. It’s not like they tried to rename it Nottingham again. They are just trying to keep things equal between three cities with delusions of grandeur.