The Missing Forest Few

Me and my friend who I sit with at Forest have long speculated about whether there is a bottomless pit, or more likely a secret room at the ground where some players just disappear into. Whether it is some hidden store room for which only Terry the Kitman has a key or whether players do fall into this bottomless pit, it surely is the final resting place of Nicky Eaden, Kevin James and Djamel Abdoun (till his escape to Greece)

Are Matty Fryatt and Andy Reid now in this gang of few to go missing and never to re-emerge. Word on the street is Fryatt may well be fit in January, but I’m sure we’ve been told he is nearly back before with his recurring Achilles injury. At least he is being mentioned as on the road to recovery.

One name still oddly quiet is Andy Reid. A friends wife (tenuous I know) speculated he must be recovering as he used to pop into the branch of Greggs she works at regularly but has been absent for a short while, but that’s the best I can offer on the subject. Is he trapped in the Cupboard of Despair with the corpses of Kevin James and Nicky Eaden?

Forest have kept Cohen and Assombalonga’s progress updated and the pair are active on Social media to a certain extent. But Reid remains a dark enigma. Almost like the rumour a player who once existed. For 14-15 months now he has been missing. There are perhaps kids who have started supporting Forest who may never have seen him play. For who he is a myth and legend rolled into one.

Perhaps that’s a little bit dramatic, but the silence from Forest around the Irishman is as the cliché says deafening. We don’t know where he is. The strong suggestion (made on the site before) that his career is over but all we are waiting for is medical certificates to claim insurance has been made. Along the lines of David Johnsons retirement, but that rumours being doing the rounds for so long that even the slowest of admin processes wouldn’t take this long.

Whatever the truth I'm not sure we will know the full truth immediately, and it may happen in time. Maybe he just can't heal? But it does seem very wrong