Pinillos Injury Blow

With the news Pinillos is out for the rest of the season with an ACL injury, the left back question comes back so soon after being answered.

It’s become one of the clichés with Forest that there is always a player to hate. Always a maligned figure of fun who the fans decide is inept and just not unto the task. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not
disagreeing completely that these players are up to scratch, but I also won’t even jump on a players back.

Danny Fox is that such player at Forest these days. The left back was a figure of much abuse last season and now he’s been out of the team that turns to a figure of fun. Once these guys are out of the squad they simply get joked about and derided. But once they come into the team that turns from fun to abuse.

I have at times tried to have patience with Fox but his early displays this season were simply woeful. It can’t help when you know there is a replacement and signed and sealed but just awaiting some paper work that will surely replace you the moment the ink is dry.

We all know that Pinillos is a better left back than Fox, and we all know Cohen is going to need a little patience as her recovers, so the basic option is Fox. At least for the Christmas period.

It screamed volumes that Freedman didn’t instantly say Fox is cover but cited players he never even used at left back like Kelvin Wilson, and mentioned Cohen despite him recovering from a very serious injury, This would illustrate how far Fox has fallen that stop gap are being mentioned way before deciding its him for the for sure..

For a few games Fox will do. He has at times done alright in the team and he isn’t an awful player. But its has been shown how much we have moved on in that role with Pinillos there. Pinillos will be missed no doubt. But for now we have to look at this Fox option till a few weeks.