FFP Again. Still in Embargo

FFP. Again

The Football league have announced under the FFP rules after reviewing clubs submissions for last season we, and other clubs will be under embargo.

And it seems many fans still can’t quite get the complexities. Proclaiming other clubs in more debt or that we have sold Antonio, or pointing to other clubs spending.

It really gets grating that as we have been in this situation for a year that fans are seemingly still so blind to the various nuances of it all. It is not a ‘live’ process. Selling Antonio goes toward the 2015/16 figures, which when reported should bring about us coming out of embargo. The figures that have retained our status as under embargo are down to the fact these are based still on the previous season. Before selling Antonio to balance books, and before getting £2millions worth of wages off the balance sheet.

Its also frustrating therefore to see fans still banging on about others clubs spending this year. It will come about. If Derby fail to go up, I have no doubt that FFP will come to haunt them eventually. Like the tax man, FFP is always eventually going to catch up.

Heres what the Football League said

An initial analysis of Financial Fair Play submissions from clubs that played in the Sky Bet Championship last season has resulted in three clubs being subject to sanctions, under rules agreed with League clubs in April 2012. All three exceeded the maximum permitted deviation of £6m - consisting of a maximum adjusted loss of £3m plus a further maximum of £3m of shareholder investment.
Champions AFC Bournemouth will face a financial sanction to be finalised in due course, while Fulham and Nottingham Forest will be subject to an ‘FFP embargo’ for the remainder of the current campaign. Both clubs will have the opportunity to have their FFP embargo lifted at the end of the season by demonstrating that they have stayed within the maximum permitted deviation of £13m (£5m loss plus £8m shareholder investment) for the 2015/16 season.
A further club, Millwall, also exceeded the maximum permitted deviation but will not face any further sanction, in line with Championship FFP regulations, following the club’s relegation to League 1 as it was not deemed to have gained any significant advantage.
The Football League is currently in discussions with a number of other clubs over their FFP submissions and will confirm any further FFP embargoes, if any, in due course.
Bolton Wanderers did not submit an FFP return owing to the club’s ongoing financial difficulties. As a result, the club will not be permitted to sign any players until it has complied with its obligations under the Championship’s FFP regulations.

Now all I saw was people whinging about QPR, but no doubt FFP will start to catch them when this season gets taken into account. Bare in mind their costs include parachute payments

Its also frustrating to see people banging about club debts which have nothing to do with this. It's about your present finances, whats going on to address losses etc, rather than addressing debts that may well be inherited.

Furthermore Derby fans in their typical stupidity like to bang on about how we must be skint, failing to relaise its anything but a club being skint, but over reaching financially. Fawaz isn't skint, he just spent too much with little rewards

We all know the current rulings. Heres what will be coming in

2016/17 onwards
Next season will see the introduction of a new set of ‘Profitability and Sustainability’ regulations that will deliver a consistent approach to Financial Fair Play for those clubs that move between the Premier League and Championship through promotion and relegation.
Championship clubs voted to change their FPP rules in November 2014 as part of wide-ranging negotiations with the top-flight about future solidarity arrangements that has contractually linked the finances of The Football League and Premier League for the first time since the formation of the latter in 1992.

The £13m limit for the 2015/16 season is in line with the losses permitted under the new regulations which will permit a maximum loss of £39m over a rolling 3 season timeframe (compared to an equivalent figure of £105m in the Premier League). A club that moves between the Premier League and Championship will be assessed in accordance with the permitted loss in the relevant divisions played in during the three-year period in question. For example, a club that had played two seasons in the Championship and one in the Premier League would have a maximum permitted loss of £61m, consisting of one season at £35m and two at £13m.