Fans Wanting the Team to Lose

I get why people are against Dougie. Really I do. Although I am pro the Scotsman (I don’t like chopping and changing managers) and when we have had questionable form like we have, the often travelled path to recovery is the change the manager. I understand.

What I simply don’t get is why some fans seem to on social media think its OK to openly say they want us to lose in order that the manager might be changed. You are openly saying you want the team you supposedly love and cherish and whatnot to lose a game. Now maybe it’s a short termist view. Maybe they think a bigger picture is to change the manager and a few bad results will result in a new man who gets a few good results. Or maybe they just want to look a big hard Internet Keyboard warrior.

My view is you should always want your team to win regardless of agenda. I can’t ever imagine being happy or relieved we lost. There were times that yes I’d wanted managers to be removed (Megson being the prime example) but never actually willing us to do badly in order for this to happen. If I hated the manager I’d still be happy we won.

Maybe it’s the nature of social media that fans want their controversial views being aired and shared.  There is an element of those who shout loudest and most on Twitter think they are the most valid. They feel an element of being able to influence fans.

The only dissenting voices I heard in the crowd when we went one down on Saturday were a set of morons near me. I say morons not because of them dissenting, because of the past few seasons of hearing and seeing their drivel. These are genuinely quite thick people. And if they were representative of the Dougie Out brigade then we’d be giving in to the lowest common denominator.

Fans should remain behind the team during the game for me. We should do everything to bring about a win we can to raise the team, but when you have a load declaring before games that they hope the manager gets sacked f we lose, these are also the kind of fans to instantly boo when things go bad or just generally dissent, rather than actually get behind the team. Not the people you would want next to you in the trenches.