Andy Reid Injury Speculation

The news that Andy Reid is having to go under the knife for his groin injury again has  caused many a fan to decry his career is over. I have discussed previously on here about whether or not the Irishman will ever play for Forest again. The suspicion is he probably won’t. At his age with his record of fitness and with the length of time out the game, even if we see Reidy in Red again he won’t be the same player.

There are those calling to have his contract cancelled or paid off to free up squad space. There are certain processes though the club will have to go through if they declare Reid is unable to play again and therefore be able to claim compensation. Insurance firms will want every loophole jumped through and every criteria met before paying out. Forest are POSSIBLY just going through that.
To simply just pay him off is to incur the fee of paying him off, foregoing any compensation, and not really gaining anything other than a squad spot. The fees would still be taken into account FFP wise. Plus it looks bad to any other players looking at signing. Get a long injury and we will just dump you. Although the loyalty shown to Cohen would go directly against that,

Then there are those who persist with the rumour that hes not actually injured and merely ostracized. That seems highly unlikely. In that case we would pay him off surely, rather than carry on filling squad spaces with a player not wanted. An arrangement would be reached. I find the people perpetuating this myth to largely be those so willing to believe any conspiracy at Forest. Also usually I question their sanity and judgement. It just makes absolutely zero sense when you actually take a more reasoned look at it If it were the player refusing to play he wouldn’t be paid and would be in breach of contract. If it was to keep him and other players apart, at least one would be removed from the squad.

It’s a shame that such a talented players career should seem to be ending in such a way. And if he does play again then its been an amazing turn around in Reid. He has offered a great deal over the years and I have no doubt he will be a capable coach in the future. Is that future sooner or later? If Reid is to try and play again it might have to be in a league where player is more sedate. Having never been the quickest, there will be an almost obvious need to reduce the pace