Wednesday Game Looms Large

For me this is a game. A big deal. I live these days in North Sheffield (hence the much more sporadic blogging) and much of my Fiancees family including herself are Wednesday fans. I am a sole island of Forest (though I have seen a few guys wearing the Garibaldi round here). So for me this is a big game,
Being part of a Forest supporting  diaspora is still a relatively new phenomenon to me.. Apart from the usual array of glory hunting Man United or Liverpool fans, where I lived was solidly Forest, A few Mansfield fans here or there, a solitary Magpie, and one family of Derby supporters, but apart from that I was used to being able to discuss the minutiae of matches with fans.
Now I don’t get to do that. Oh yes people take notice in what Forest are doing because they know I’ll mention it anyway or they need to know what mood I will be (as I still keep my season ticket) but they don’t know those tiny details that another Forest fan would, about the hordes of injured, about Lansburys discipline and just general details.So they see a result and almost laugh at the the result that we might have lost or drawn whereas at home people know that it might not be a real reflection of results.
Furthermore there are work colleagues. Now both of them are fairly relapsed fans. But that said they will still decide to put the boot in. Especially a one only just learnt that Forest recently have a very good record against the Owls so has decided he really wants them to beat us,
This is all way before the other factor of the obvious concerns about results and form and league position. Those of course go without staying. A certain amount of local bragging rights as the Owls are semi local, but for me they can wait another day. I have my sanity to save first and foremost.