Soul Searching and Hang Wringing

There has been much of the titled hand wringing and soul searching in the past weeks, since the Huddersfield game really where we have gone on a run that has seen us drop down the league.

What’s amusing are the reactions of people. Many who had written off the season in August suddenly after the QPR and Birmingham wins sat up and thought we were on the edge of something so decided playoffs or better were possible. They have now declared relegation is a certainty.

It’s that almost bi-polar world of either everything is great or all doom and gloom that can get very tiresome. We are a mid-table team. Last season proved that because that’s where we finished. And although we lost our best player we recruited in other places, without the flashy names perhaps.

The reason that it’s all one extreme or the other is that is the modus operandi for many a Forest fan. There can be mid ground, we’re either succeeding or failing, never just being. And to be fair history largely shows that’s what we have done for probably as long as some fans remember.

The dissenting voices you see online, as far as I have experienced have not translated to the stadium. It’s still the arm chair fans who call for a manager’s head when anything goes aw. Forget that performances have outstripped results. Forget the players are happy. They are as the radio said clearly still playing for the management in a way they certainly didn’t do at the end for Pearce and definitely never did for Gary Brazil.

The evening Post publishing articles about if Dougies under threat doesn’t help. They are just trying to act as click bait, to have a headline that questions the managers longevity and bring in the sweet clicks and hits that advertising revenue relies upon. (And then with pop ups and auto audio drives you off the site) But with them questioning the manager and putting the issue out there it makes others question what’s happening. It doesn’t help.

Things will get better the moment we remember what that net shaped thing at the end of the pitch is for. When we aren’t finishing in the final third though it gives hope to the opposition we really should have killed. It makes the defence skittish and nervous that suddenly others not doing their job increases pressure on them. If we concede we’ll lose because the strikers didn’t give that cushion.

The pressure given by some saying well when Assombalonga is back is misled too. Britt will take a long time to regain sharpness, and he won’t be back till after Christmas. His true return won’t be for a while.

Fans need patience. This was only ever a transition season. The only time to panic is when we are in the bottom 3.