A Catch Up

Life has these habits of becoming busy enough to stop me writing for a while. And when I am behind in my updates it doesn’t help when you read the consensus is that of woe. Although when times are bad it creates more to discuss and heightened emotion, it also creates a feeling of despair.

I though do not despair of the regime at Forest., but more the ongoing cycle of fan stupidity. The fickle fans who merely just come on social media to shout loudly and then disappear. Who think if they’re voice is loudest it is therefore the most relevant.

I have given up listening to opinions on Twitter. It is jam packed with idiots. It seems to attract a certain type of fan. It used to be a good place to gauge opinions and gather information. If your not swamped by ridiculous spam accounts retweeting everything or people selling crap using #nffc as a means for attention (trust me, I have other websites and try this technique occasionally and it has minimal impact hence why its even more annoying knowing they fill the timeline for near enough no gain)

If you do ever wish to encounter the real lunatic fringe then the Facebook Nottingham Forest account is where the worst hang out. Commenting on the Status updates from Forest with just utter drivel, from people who clearly don’t ever go and have no intention of going.

I guess this makes these people feel good and involved. What it does show to sensible fans is that they are stupid. They almost without fail can’t string a coherent sentence together.

So it’s not an apathy with Forest. It’s an apathy with the fact you feel like you are shouting into an abyss.

That said I feel I should endeavour to at least start trying to post again. I always enjoyed doing so and by and large feedback was always good.