Morale Boosted

At the close of the transfer window in early September a lot of fans were nearly suicidal over the loss of Antonio. We had made signings but because we took our time announcing them because of the Ben Hamer fiasco a number of fans read too much into this and decided this is a sinister game of smoke and mirrors. There were no signings. It was all a ruse. And then when they did sign we then had to wait 2 weeks to see these guys in action and for the team to take hold.

2 weeks ago there was a core of fans that were being so completely negative as to actually be quite funny to the external eye. Declaring that relegation isn’t just a possibility but an absolute certainty. That we were the worst Forest team that'd ever been (That was my favourite, its almost as if Megson wasn't within most fans lifetime)

We have played two tricky away games since and won them both. The international footballers we loaned have all been ratified and are not only at the club but performing well. Which is something rare with players new to a league.

The greatest U-turn comes in the current perception of Dougie Freedman. Before some were declaring him almost the devil incarnate,  the worst manager ever. Not fit for purpose. After two games which have seen tactical and selection decisions that raised eyebrows but have been successful suddenly he is manna from heaven again. And rightly should be praised for making brave decisions. No doubt once a couple of bad defeats the old mantles of “doesn’t know his best side” or “our of his depth” will be raised. I’m sure he does, but the rigours of the modern game require a little rotation, and using different players for different games for different aims. It’s a very closed view to think you have an 11 you choose regardless.

Fawaz, who after the signings was on Twitter bemoaning that fans were now just badgering him on other issues (like he now realises that his constant presence there just makes people think they have a
connection) Suddenly there are less angry tweets declaring him inept.  He has pulled off some financial master strokes and now we don’t look like missing a certain Left Winger we signed from Sheffield Wednesday. But the huge boost from winning two games, and in a certain style without flukes makes us think that perhaps this is a good after all.

Some of us always thought that we’d be fine. The knee jerk reactions of many usual suspects you see on Twitter were amusing. These people lurch from everything is terrible to we are the champions in the space of a few tweets and without any sense of irony. They try to defend their lack of common sense by claiming it to just heightened passion. This is utter tosh.

But basically the spirit is back. There was never a question of if the team were down. No noises ever came out suggesting the players were unhappy. This though didn’t stop people from suggesting as much, but this was complete conjecture. More just Joe Public casting their ideas over the players and what they perceive or guessed the atmosphere would be. Simply guessing that the likes of Lansbury would be unhappy at sales. Without ever really knowing what a player thought in the slightest. This of course evolved into rumours that some players wanted out, based on pure lies. Luckily that’s something the last two games have stopped.