FFP Ends Hamer Time... For Now

The news broke last night that Ben Hamer loan was off. I including many laughed at this news. Because at that time the rumour was that he was unhappy with the Fawaz hunting pictures. Nearly 24 hours on and it turns out that was only half true.

The fact remains that Hamer is now again back at Leicester City, for now. His loan spell at Forest has ended after 8 days due to financial implications of the FFP restrictions on Forest. Basically we aren’t allowed to pay a loan fee for the player, whilst Leicester wants one built into the deal.

The ins and outs of this may well be a little more complex than that, but perhaps it was a misunderstanding of the rules, or a miscommunication

Either way its left Forest with egg on their face after an already embarrassing start to the week with Ram-gate for Fawaz. With Dougie hinting cryptic allusions to a star striker coming in, the time it awful for Forest. Whether something can be sorted out for Hamer it’s unclear but as we say, right now he’s back at Leicester.

Those already decrying the club as a laughing stock merely has their suspicions confirmed, and it seems to be merely strengthening the belief of many that Fawaz isn’t the right man for the club.

The problem definitely appears though, a question of how this deal fits within the restrictions of FFP. What many fans are ignoring is that Dougie himself has said its a few technical issues and that they expect a deal to be done for the weekend. The problem is that many people only have 140 characters on twitter so the details get lost in the headline. Many just Hamer back at Leicester, and don’t see the deal finer details. That said we only have Dougies word to go on. But it does simply look like being the structure of the loan deal.