Dougies Tether

Dougie announced thee other day after the Walsall defeat that he was at the end of his tether with some players. The criticism wad that there were some players who seemed to have less concern about keeping the ball out of the goal than picking up their weekly wage.

Immediately people identified 4-5 players that this would likely be the case for. The usual type of suspects. Fox, Wilson, Vaughan and Paterson etc. The more astute amongst you will notice two of those names were signed after loan spells when out of contract last summer. Vaughan and Fox, when we seemed to splash cash with reckless abandon. Its as such they are probably on double their market value wage wise.

Kelvin Wilson was a signing Billy wanted under demand. He wanted Wilson no matter. In his first spell with Forest he was great. The player we have now is anything but. Casual Kelvin, so nicknamed because his play at times seems so ridiculously laboured that its like hes got a gun to his head to just be out there has become a liability. It’s a shame for a quality defender. The rumours of him fighting various demons and suchlike are possibly just that rumours, but its clear his head isn’t in the game. Whether that’s a general indifference or whether that’s something else, he is an expensive liability. The problem becomes the likes of Matt mills look at Kelvin, on double his wage at least playing pathetically. How dies it inspire other players to up their game to match when you have another guy earning much more and simply not performing.

Danny Fox is a whole other matter. Fans never really took to the left back and he is the fans number one scapegoat. There always has to be a number one scapegoat. That said his performances are often not good enough, but when you have an array of fans ready to pounce on your first error and jump down your neck, it hardly inspires you to want to play well for that side. I’m not trying to defend him too much as he has been inadequate but I’m suggesting the public attacking of him hardly inspires him to play batter. Specially when you see numptys openly on Twitter suggesting they are going to send him abuse and hound him off Twitter. Yeah bravo, you really are the big man with your keyboard warrior antics.

There are some on the net questioning whether Dougie was right to say such things, but these same people would question if he took the Calderwood route of defending players even when they just clearly played abysmally. The times that Scotsman would try and claim positives in a pounding were ridiculous. At least Dougie is admitting that there are issues. That he knows that some players just aren’t fit for purpose anymore and need to be jettisoned to wherever we can get rid of poor footballers too.


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